Friday, June 22, 2018


Hey everyone hope you are all doing well and had a good week so far and a fun weekend ahead. Today's post I share with you all a pair of leggings that have become my favorite super quick so I thought I would come on here and share my thoughts and opinions on them after wearing them for a couple of months now. Without further more let's jump right into this.

First thing I want to say these leggings are true to size no need to size up or down which I appreciate a lot since I found time and time again when buying other leggings I always had to size down a size or two since they were always so baggy on the legs, and we know that is not the point of leggings they are meant to be tight on the legs. These leggings are super comfortable on, love that even tho it as a tummy taming waistband in them they are not to tight or uncomfortable around the waist. 

The waistband just hits me above the belly button which is perfect not to high or to low. I love that these leggings are not see through they are a pair of substantial leggings. The material to these leggings are nice and thick but not to heavy where I couldn't wear them on a hot day if I wanted to. I do really enjoy the front detail seam to them it makes these leggings feel and look like more like a pair of pants. There leggings are on the more expensive side of leggings for Target they retail for $28.00, but you also have to remember they are made by the brand Spanx which is a very expensive brand. Just wanted to mention this before I say my concluding thoughts is that I have washed these leggings quite a bit and they still look like I just bought them from the store. I don't see any wear on them or peeling of the material.

Concluding thoughts are that I really like these leggings and can see my self buying more of them even tho they are a little more money but I rather pay the extra money for a good quality pair of leggings then a low quality pair of leggings that will only last me a couple of months, do you know what I mean guys? I would recommend you guys buying your self's a pair and see if you like them. That's all for now hope you enjoyed reading on what I had to say about the assets ponte shaping leggings. In a comment below let me know if you guys have tried these leggings from Tagert and what were your thoughts on them were. I love hearing you guys feedback. As always talk to you all soon.

Friday, June 15, 2018


Hey everyone hope you are all doing well and had a good week so far and have a amazing weekend ahead. Today's post I want to share with you all a few gems that I found at Target lately. Without further more let's jump right into this. First item is a blue and white stripe dress that is strapless it cinches at waist so its super flattering on, it about knee length if you anyone was wondering. Next dress that I picked up is this green shirt dress. I have already worn this and done a outfit of the day post here on my blog if you are interested in seeing what does dress look like feel free to check out that post. Anyways this dress is super comfortable and airy. 

Last item that I picked up is this blue and white striped romper. This is a other super comfortable and airy item. Its a little big even when I tie it around my waist. I would recommended if you were thinking of buying this to size down like two sizes. This is a size small and I could have went for a size xs. 

That's all I picked up at Target. Hope you all enjoyed reading on what I bought. I am excited to post outfit of the days with the last two items so be sure to look out for those posts. As always talk to you all soon.

Friday, June 8, 2018


Hey everyone hope you are all doing well and had a good week so far and have a amazing weekend ahead! Today's post I want to share with you all a Sephora birthday haul, my birthday was last month already. You can image this stuff have been sitting in the Sephora bag for a little over a month lol. Anyways let's jump right into this haul. First item that I picked up is the Sephora avocado hand mask pretty excited to use this only heard good things about this. Next item that I picked up is the Sephora watermelon after-sun mask face and decollette mask. I have never seen this before in stores so I feel like this is something new. I am excited to use this and see what it does for my skin.  

Third item is something that is not from Sephora but I thought I would include it in this haul since I don't have enough items to make it its own haul post. That is the Sigma blending e25 brush. I have a blending brush already but that one its hairs are much longer and I feel like it takes me a little bit longer to blend my eye shadow since I have to work with the brush for a longer time. The e 25 brush its hairs are a little bit shorter so I am hoping it will blend a lot better.

Next item that is something that is well talked about in the beauty community that is the Anastasia dip brow pomade. I got the shade dark brown if anyone was wondering. I have only heard wonderful stuff about this product, this will be my first time using a pomade a little nervous but excited, I am a pencil gal. Fifth item is my birthday gift from sephora for begin a member of there beauty insider program. The gift that I picked was the Glam Glow super mud mask and the Glowstarter moisturizer. This is a other brand that I only hear great things about in the beauty world. I have never tried anything from Glam-glow so I thought this duo was a great way to get my feet wet. 

Next item that I picked up on this haul is the Sephora mini color switch. I am very excited to start using this since I don't own a lot of eye shadow brushes. I cant just go and use a other flat shade brush since I only have one, so hopefully that will help with that. Second to last item is the classic original Beauty Blender. This is a must have tool for any person who enjoys applying makeup. This makes the makeup go on the skin so smoothly and easily. Makes the skin look flawless. This is probably my fifth one already I cant live without knowing that I don't have a new beauty blender waiting for me. 

Last item is something that I use to and still get samples of because I think its a great item. That is the Beauty Blender solid cleanser. I think this works better then regular soap and even baby shampoo even tho I still have a bottle of baby shampoo just in case I need it. Anyways I find that the solid get my makeup brushes and even sponges clean in less time and I find that when it came down to my beauty blender I saw a lot of more makeup came off the sponge then when I was using baby shampoo.

That's all for this birthday sepahora haul. Hope you all enjoyed reading on what I picked up from sephora on my birthday, hopefully you found something in this haul that you want to go get for yourselves. In a comment below let me know what makeup items you guys have picked up lately from Sephora. I love trying out new products for you guys. As always talk to you all soon.  

Friday, June 1, 2018


Hey everyone hope you are all doing well and had a good week so far and have a amazing weekend ahead. Today's post I wanted to quickly show you guys a summer outfit that I wore like a week ago. I bought this dress at Target the day before this picture was taken, this is a very comfortable dress super lite weight and airy. The shoes that I am wearing in this picture are also from Target. They are super comfortable to wear and basically go with everything. Overall a great outfit for the summer. 

That's all for this outfit of the day. Hope you all enjoyed seeing my outfit. Let me know in a comment below what are your thoughts on this dress. As always talk to you all soon.

Friday, May 25, 2018


Hey you guys hope you are all doing well and had a good week and have a amazing weekend ahead. Today's post I want share with you all products that I have been loving the last past month and a pair of leggings that have become the only leggings that I will buy. Without further more let's jump right into this. First favorite of this past month as been the Dove exfoliating body polish. This smells amazing its feels like a cream but it still exfoliates your skin without leaving it dry. Amazing item you guys need to try it if you haven't yet.  

Next favorite is the Loreal Pairs 24hr infallible pro-matte foundation. This foundation is a good matte foundation, its a thick foundation so a little goes a long way. The only downfall I found with this product is that this shade was a little lite for me but that was my fault and not the item. Overall good matte foundation from the drugstore. Second to last favorite of this past month as been the Essence sun club matt bronzing, I have done a whole review post talking about this item and my thoughts on it so if you guys want to know more on what I had to say about this bronzer go over to that post and give it some love. Anyways this is a great matt bronzer from the drugstore it applies smoothly onto to the skin and blends out like a dream.This item also doesn't go on to the skin like mud or anything. The only thing I can see that some people may not like this product is that it as kinda a strong scent to it. I don't notice it as much anymore since I have been using this for a while now. 

Last favorite of this past month isn't beauty related its a pair of leggings that I heard about watching a beauty you tuber talking about. That is the Assets spanx ponte shaping leggings at Target. I don't want to go into to much about these leggings because I am planning on doing a whole post talking about them and how much I love them, so if you are interested in that post keep a eye out for that post. What I can say about these leggings is that they are super comfortable and true to size. They are thicker then normal leggings that you would buy lets say at a Forever 21. These leggings are breathable which is always nice and now I know I can wear them during the summer and not sweat my legs off lol... I didn't buy them for the tummy control so I really cant say much or anything about that. Overall really happy about these and glad that I bought them.

That's all for this favorites post hope you all enjoyed reading what I have been enjoying using and wearing this past month. In a comment below let me know what beauty products you guys have been loving this past month. I love hearing your guys feedback. As always talk to you all soon.

Friday, May 18, 2018


Hey you guys hope you are all doing well and had a good week so far, Have a fantastic weekend ahead. Today's post I want to share my thoughts on the Benefit Bad gal Bang mascara. I have been using this mascara for a couple of weeks now and I have gather a few thoughts on it that I thought I would come on here and share them with you all. Without further more let's just jump right into this. 

First thing that I noticed right away once seeing this in the store was the packaging of this item its pretty cool packaging very eye catching. The wand it self is a plastic very flexible wand which is fine but I found that since the wand is so flexible and bendable it made the application processes a little more difficult in that it would transfer on to the lids super easy. The wand it self is wide on the bottom and it gets slimmer at the top of the wand. The bristles on this mascara wand are short. This is a very wet mascara that could be also why it transfers on the to the lids so easily.

This mascara did a great job on separating my lashes, when it came down to volume I have to be honest I wasn't that impressed don't get me wrong this product gave me some volume it was just not the volume that I thought I would get from this product. Which was a little disappointing. I also found that this mascara didn't really hold a curl for that long at all, I noticed after wearing this item for a hour or so my lashes have falling and they felt weighed down.

By the end of the day I saw there was a little bit of flaking under the eyes, nothing to bad but just annoying since this is a more high end product. Overall thoughts this mascara just didn't really work out for me I was sad to see because I really wanted to like this item. This mascara cost $24.00 in my opinion there are better high end mascaras that I love and know will work for me.   

That's all for this honest review on the Benefit bad gal bang mascara. Hope you all enjoyed reading on what my thoughts were on this item, sorry if this was a negative post. In comment below let me know if you guys have tried out this mascara before and what were your thoughts on it did you like it or didn't you? Also leave me some tips and tricks on how I should be applying this mascara, I really do want to like this mascara. As always talk to you all soon. 

Friday, May 11, 2018


Hey everyone hope you are all doing well. Hope you all had a good week and have a wonderful weekend ahead. Today's post I want to share some products that I have used up lately, and share my last thoughts on them. Without further more let's jump right into this. First item that I have used up is the Vaseline intensive care Advanced Repair Hand Lotion. This was a good hand lotion it was a thick lotion but soaked up pretty easily. Overall good product and would repurchase again. Second item that I have used up is something I am sure you all have seen before here on empties post that is the Batiste Dry Shampoo in the scent (tropical). I can't express enough to you guys how good this product is. This dry shampoo soaks up all of the oils in the your hair without any or very little build upon your hair. Super easy to work with. Just a great item to have and something I will be be re buying for years to come. 

Third item is something that honestly just caught my eye one day at Walmart and it turned out to be something I want to pick up again soon. I am talking about the Yes to tomatoes detoxifying charcoal DIY POWDER TO CLAY MASK, which I have never heard or seen a diy mask before. This came with the powder a bowl and a spatula to mix the powder and water together and also to apply the product to the face. I was to surprised to find that the mixture made a lot of product. I had a enough for a other mask so I gave it to my sister since there was no way of saving the product for a other time. This is a unscented mask but if you want some scent you have the option to add different ingredients to get a different result form the mask, some of the items you could add to the mask if you would like to are yogurt, honey, orange juice, lemon, avocado and green tea. I thought that was a nice little addition. I did find that it got tight on the face when it was drying. 

The only downfall I found that was a little annoying was this mask was a little hard to remove form the face I found myself scrubbing at my face to get this product off. A other downfall I noticed was after removing this mask from my face my skin felt tight like all of the moisture was gone from it. On the plus side my face looked and felt clean. Overall good mask just wished it was a peel off mask maybe that way people wouldn't have just a tough time on removing this from there face. Next empty is a other item that I have talked to ground about that is that Neutrogena makeup remover cleansing towelettes. These are truly my tried and true makeup wipes that I always come back to. They remove all of my makeup even mascara with just one wipe, they are super soft to the face. I love that they don't dry out super quick. Overall great makeup wipes and will never stop buying them.

Fifth empty is the Sephora Lash craft big volume mascara. I have done a whole review post on here talking about my thoughts on this product and talking about why I did and didn't like it so if you want more detail on what I thought about this mascara please feel free to go give that post some love. This was a ok mascara it was very wet and it is still pretty wet, so I found it hard to work with. Since it was so wet it transferred so easily on to my lids. This mascara just didn't work out for me I will not be getting this again. Next product that I have used up is the Revlon Kiss Balm with spf 20. This was a good balm it kept my lips from chapping all day, super moisturizing on the lips. I liked that it had spf in it, good lip product and this is something I will buy again in the future.

Second to last empty is the Maybelline big eyes The Falsies. This was a good mascara I did enjoy using this item. It gave my lashes a lot of volume they almost looked fluffy feather like if that makes any sense. This formula was on the more dry side which was fine. Easy to work with. The only downfall I had with this item is that I never understood why this product had two wands for they both were the same formula. To be honest I never used the wand that was meant for the lower lashes the upper lash wand did the trick. Overall was happy with this mascara and this is something I do want to go out and get again, cant beat it for the price. Last empty for this post is the Boscia charcoal makeup melter cleansing oil- balm. This was a oil based cleansing which I have never used before and to my surprised I enjoyed it. It removed all of my makeup I believe mascara too but don't hold that against me. The scent to this item was ok I thought it could have been better. I liked that this cleanser lasted me so long you only need a little bit of this product to remove a full face of makeup. This item also came with a spatula to make it easier to apply to the face. Last thoughts are I would go out and buy this again, I thought it did a good job of getting my skin cleaned. 

That's all for this products that I have used up lately. Hope you all enjoyed reading on what I have used up the last few months. In a comment below let me know of any good products that you guys have used up lately that I should be giving a try, I love hearing your guys feedback. As always talk to you all soon.