Friday, September 15, 2017


Hey everyone hope you all had a great week so far. Today's post I want to share with you all a beauty haul that I picked up lately. First item that I picked up is something that I have bought before and really enjoyed it. That is the Loreal Blend Artist Infallible Sponge. This beauty sponge does a beautiful job in blending your foundation or bb cream. Next item is the El.f. Intense Lnk Eyeliner  I have used this already and have some thoughts on it. I am not going to share them on this post because I am planning on doing a whole post talking about this item and if I liked it or not. What I can say is that I am pretty shocked and impressed with item and very happy that I bought it. 

Third item I picked up is the Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection Tapered Shadow Brush. As you can see I haven't even took the brush out of the packaging yet. That's because I don't have a cup to store it in yet nor do I have eye shadows to use this brush with. Once I get some eye shadows and use this brush I will be doing a update post on this item and letting you guys know my thoughts on it and if its worth the money. 

Next item is something I picked up because youtuber makeupbytiffanyd was talking about how much she loves this brush, so I went out and bought it. This is a other brush that I haven't took out of the packaging for the same reasons. I will also be doing a update post on this item and letting you guys know what were my thoughts on this tool. 

Last beauty item that I picked up is the not so new anymore Loeal Voluminous Lash Paradise mascara. I have used this product already since buying it. So far I have been really enjoying this mascara and I think slowly its becoming my favorite mascara. 

That's all for this beauty haul I know it was kinda of a small haul next time there will be a bigger haul. Anyways hope you guys enjoyed this post and fond something that you might want to try also. Let me know if you guys have tried out any of these items already and what were your thoughts on them. Also let me know what you guys have picked up from the drugstore or Ulta lately. I love hearing your guys feedback. Talk to you all soon.

Friday, September 8, 2017


Hey everyone hope you are all doing good and had a good week, hope you all have a great weekend. Today's post I am going to be sharing some of my favorites from this past month I know its not a lot but these are truly have have been my favorites. I know I am a little late on the monthly favorites but better late then never right?....

First favorite of this past month is the Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion + pump. I have done a whole post talking about what were my thoughts on it and how I liked it if you are interested in seeing more on what I had to say about this product then please feel free to go and give that post some love. This moisturizer really does moisturize your face leaving your skin feeling smooth and soft and ready for makeup. I like using this item at night and before I apply makeup, since this is a lite weight product I find that it doesn't mess with my makeup application. Even tho its a lite weight moisturizer you don't need a lot of product. I would recommend this to anyone who as dry to combination skin type.  

Second item that I have been really enjoying using this past month is the Bosica Charcoal Makeup Melter cleansing oil balm. Just want to say that this is a sample sized of his product not the full sized one. I have found that this oil balm really gets all of my makeup off my face with out over drying it. I was shocked on how well it did when it came down to mascara it really broke down the mascara making it so easy to wash off. The scent it self is ok not my favorite scent that I have smelled in a cleanser.  Overall good product and I would repurchase the full sized tube.

Last favorite that I want to mention is a lip product that is the Aquaphor Advanced Therapy. This so far as been the only lip balm that I have found that as kept my lips from not chapping. I have found with other chap sticks my lips will get chapped again after the balm as worn off, with this item I don't have that problem. This is a thick and rich balm so a little will go a long way. Since this is so thick and rich I feel like I will have this little tube for a while. I like applying this after applying moisturizer so when I am ready to apply lipstick my lips are nice and smooth, also at night before going to bed. I also found it interesting that you can use this balm for other things like your cuticles, dry cracked or irritated skin. I totally recommenced this product to anyone who suffers from chapped lips. 

That's all for this monthly favorites. Hope you all enjoyed this post. Let me know in a comment below what have been your favorites from this past month. I love hearing your guys feedback. As always talk to you all soon.  

Friday, September 1, 2017


Hey everyone hope you are all doing good and had a great week, have a fantastic weekend. Today's post I want to share with you all a product that I have been really enjoying that last few months now. Lets get right into it. The first thing I noticed right away is the scent to this product it as a very strange scent to it you can definitely smell it when you are applying it to your face. I find that a little weird that it as a scent to it since on the box and on the bottle it said 100% fragrance free. 

I found this to be a lite weight moisturizer, it as and feels like a smooth silky texture to it. I also found this moisturizer to be non greasy to face and drys and absorbs quickly to the skin.  Which are all good things in my book. This moisturizer I find works beautifully under makeup doesn't mess up or change anything leaves your skin feeling soft and ready for foundation. I have only had this product for only a couple of months now and I barely made it thru half of the bottle, this will last you a long time. Even tho its a lite weight moisturizer I find that I only need a little of this product to moisturize my whole face.

I get really dry skin especially during the winter time and I find this product fixes that immediately. I don't find this moisturizer to be heavy during the summer it just a perfect product for all year around. I love that this item as a pump to it, I find it makes it easier to control the amount of product that comes out. On the sephora website it said that this product is recommenced for combination to dry skin. I agree with that I think if you have oily skin you might not like this item since it is so silky. This item cost $27.00. Which I don't think is a bad price point for a good product. 

Overall thoughts I really like this item and would recommend this for anyone who is looking for a good moisturizing face lotion. That's all for this review on the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. Hope you guys found this post helpful. Let me know in a comment below if you have tried out this item out and what were your thoughts on it. I love hearing your guys feedback, as always talk to you all soon.

Friday, August 25, 2017


Hey you guys! Hope you are all doing well, and have a wonderful weekend. Today's post I want to share with you guys a nail polish that I tried out recently and have collected a few thoughts about it. Let's just get started. The brand of nail polish that I bought and tried out is the Wet N Wild wild shine nail color. I have been really enjoying there line of makeup so I thought maybe there nail polishes is as good as there makeup line, there nails polishes are pretty cheap which you can pretty much guarantee that with Wild N Wild. The price was $ 1.49.

The color that I picked up is (who is ultra violet?). Which is a pretty lite purple that would look great on the nails or toes and very opaque. The consistency of this polish is very creamy, goes on the nails very smooth. It takes about two costs polish to get to that purple that is in the bottle. The applicator to this polish is pretty basic just your standard brush you find nothing to out there. I do enjoy that this product dries really fast on the nails. 

I did find that the polish started to chip on the sides but the chipping wasn't that bad at all. This was on the fourth day of wearing this polish. By the sixth to seventh day it was time to take this polish off my nails. 

Overall thoughts I really enjoyed this polish and I think for the price why not give it a try, I had a positive experience with this product. Did it chip easily I don't think so I honestly think it lasted as long as any other nail polish would. To answer the question in this blog post tile did this polish last for a week? I can say it almost did it was very close. 

That's all for this review on the Wet n Wild shine nail color. Hope you all enjoyed reading this post. Let me know in a comment below if you guys have tried out this product before and what was your thoughts on it. As always talk to you all soon.


Friday, August 18, 2017


Hey everyone, hope you are all doing well and had a wonderful week and have a amazing weekend. Today' post I am going to sharing with you all my full week's impressions on the Tarte Tarteist Lip Paint in (birthday suit). The one that I have and the one you see in the picture above is just a little sample sized or traveled sized whichever you want to call it, I got from sephora for my birthday for begin part of there beauty v.i.p. member program. This is a very creamy formula but dries down as a liquid lipstick. I also noticed when using this lip product that the color in the tube goes on darker on the lips not to dark but you do notice the difference. 

This lip paint isn't drying to the point where its uncomfortable but you can feel it on your lips. I found after wearing this for a couple of hours on my lips felt  dried out and needed some moisture. I would recommend that you put on some chap-stick on your lips first let it sit for a few minutes while we finish up doing your makeup, then blot the chap stick away before apply the Tarte lip paint. That's what I do and it helps a little but your lips still feel dry while wearing this. I also recommend that you exfoliate your lips since this product will cling on to very little dry patch that you have on your lips. 

This Tarte tarteist lip paint come in range of colors. Not sure if I told you what color I got as a sample but the one I got is called (birthday suit). This is a very pretty nude, I really have been enjoying this color on my lips. This lip paint is well pigmented.

Now lets chat about some downfalls that I have noticed with this product. First one is that this lip product is not transfer proof this will come off on your coffee mug. Second downfall I noticed when using this product that it doesn't last long on the lips, not very long lasting not all comes off in a few hours of wearing it, which I was really disappointed since I was so excited to try out this item. Last downfall I have is that when I took this lip paint off my lips at night. My lips felt so dry that I had to apply chap stick to them. Here is the weird thing I didn't experience that drying feeling on the second day of wearing this. The last thing I want to mention is that is a full sized of the Tarte tarteist lip paint cost $20.00. 

Overall thoughts did I like this product? I can say I did to a certain point but  for me personally I just saw way to many downfalls with this item that I just cant see myself using this again or ever repurchasing it again. That's all for this first impressions of the Tarte tarteist lip paint.  I would love to know in a comment below if you guys have tried out this product and liked it ? Let me know of any tips and tricks that you guys might have for this item? As always to you all soon.  

Friday, August 11, 2017


Hey everyone, hope you are all doing well, have a fanatic weekend. Today's post I want to share you some stuff that I have picked up at Target lately. I have to say target as really setup it up with there clothing, I was shopping in the clothing section of the store and literally wanted it all. (lol) Anyways let's jump right into this haul.

First thing I picked up is this brunt orange t shirt. I am wearing this today and it super soft and comfortable I wish target had more colors in this shirt but this is the only color that they had. I love the cut out detail in this t shirt it gives the shirt a little bit more. My favorite part about this shirt is the cut out around the neck line, it makes it look like you are wearing a choker that is same as the shirt but in reality its part of the shirt. I hope that made any sense. 

Second item that I picked up is something that is one of my holy grail items that I am sure if you have been following my blog for a while now then you know what item I am talking about. That is the Neutrogena makeup remover cleansing towelettes. These are amazing wipes they remove makeup even waterproof mascara like dream. I am not going to go to much more talking about this product because I am sure you guys have heard me talk about these wipes and how amazing they are, plenty of times already. 

Third item that I picked up on this Target haul are these low rise skinny jeans. To be honest with you all in my years of shopping at Target I have never bought and tried out there jeans before, (I know hard to believe right?!). Until now I can't believe how comfortable they are and stretching they are. They are true to size so just keep that in mind if you are thinking of buying a pair. 

Next clothing item that I picked up is a grey graphic t shirt this is a other super comfortable and soft shirt. Second to last item that I picked up on this haul are the Clean and Clear oil absorbing sheets. I have tried out this brand a while back ago and remember that I really liked them so I picked up a other packet since I am running low on the oil absorbing sheets I have now.

The last item that I got is a other t shirt. This shirt as some cut outs here the shoulders so it gives a black t shirt some interest. This is a other super soft and comfortable shirt. 

That's all for this Target haul hope you all enjoyed this post and maybe found something that you might want to go pick up for yourself's. Let me know in a comment below if you guys want to see any of these clothing items in a outfit of day post. As always talk to you all soon.

Friday, August 4, 2017


Hey everyone, hope you are all doing well and had a good week this week. Today's post I want to share with you all some of the products that I have used up and what are my final thoughts on them are. There are a lot of products to get thru so let's get started. First product that I have used up is the Softsoap fresh & glow exfoliating fruit polish. I really enjoyed this product. This smells really nice and fruity but not to strong. I see a real difference when I use this on my skin looks and feels more smooth, and I do see a glow to my skin. This exfoliating product the beads in it are not to rough so you could get away with using this everyday. I know I did. 

Next empty is something I am sure you guys have seen before in empties that is the Johnson's baby shampoo. I use this to wash my makeup brushes with. I find that this gets my makeup brushes clean and leaves a nice scent to them. Third empty is the Tresemme moisture rich conditioner. The scent to this conditioner is very pleasant, I think it as a fruit smell it to. I found this conditioner to be on the heavy side so a little goes a long way. I did notice after using this product that my hair felt more soft. One more thing is you get a lot of product for the price, I believe it was under ten dollars but don't quote me on that. Overall good product. 

Next product that I used up are the Olay fresh effects oil - reducing wet clothes. I saw that these wipes help control my oil on my face thru out the day. I found myself not to have to blot so much when I used these wipes in the morning. I do believe these help my oily face, will be re buying these again very soon. By the way the scent to these wipes is very orange smelling like. Next empty is the Beauty Blender micro mini pro in (black), I mainly used this beauty blender to apply cream blush. Even tho its a tiny beauty blender it blends out product  great.The only thing I saw that I was not a big fan about with the micro mini pro beauty blenders is that it feels like the sponge as some texture to it, like its a smooth sponge. Let me know in a comment below if you guys get that with this item?

Sixth empty is a travel size of the goof proof brow pencil by Benfit. I really enjoyed this product it was super easy to work with. The pencil it self went on the brows super easy and stayed on all day. The only downfall since this was not the full sized one it didn't come with a spooly. Next empty is the Eucerin advanced repair hand cream. This was a alright hand cream I didn't feel like it did much for my dry hands, I can say it as a nice thick creamy consistency to it which I did enjoy about this hand lotion.

Third to last empty is the Neutrogena oil - free eye makeup remover. This eye makeup remover is amazing it removes mascara and even water prof mascara like dream. This product is on my list to re buy. If you guys have not tried out this eye makeup remover you need to. Next product that I have used up lately is the Aussie total miracle dry shampoo. This dry shampoo is a very strong dry shampoo so if your hair doesn't get a lot of oil from not washing it I would not use this. I found this dry shampoo to get my hair looking clean but it did have some build up to it since it is a strong dry shampoo. I like using this dry shampoo after a workout because my hair gets very sweaty and oily this does miracles on it. 

Last empty is the Batiste dry shampoo. This dry shampoo is on the more lite side in the sense it still gets you hair clean but your hair still feels like hair when you run your hands thru it. This scent isn't my favorite but since I liked the dry shampoo so much I learned it live with it. I have bought a other can of this but in a different scent. 

That's all of the empties that I have to share with you guys for this post. Hope you all enjoyed this. Let me know in a comment below what products you guys have used up lately., I love hearing your guys feedback. As always talk you all soon.