Friday, February 13, 2015

Sephora WishList Of 2015!

Makeup Wish List !

Hello everyone!;) Thanks for taking the time and stopping by my blog. Today post is going to be my sephora wishlist of 2015!  I love trying out new makeup and seeing how it works for me. If any of you guys have tried or have any of these products already. Please let me know your thoughts on them in a comment below........

1. Sephora Collection Pro Large Domed Stippling Brush #41:  I have been looking for a good large domed stippling brush for a long time now . This brush as gotten a lot  of good reviews on sephora. It retails for $36.00

2. Dior Fluid Foundation SPF 30:  I am currently using the Tarte Amazonian clay Full Coverage Foundation in light  medium sand, I am really enjoying using this foundation. But the dior fluid foundation is a foundation that I have always wanted to try. Ever since I watched MakeupbyTiffanyd talking about it and saying  how much she loves it. This foundation retails for $ 50.00

3. Nars Blush in Orgasm : I am currently in store for a new blush. And this blush as gotten a ton of good feed back on youtube and on the sephora website.  It retails for $ 30.00.

4.  Tarte Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush :  Like I said previous I am currently using the tarte amazonian clay full coverage foundation. I have been using the beauty blender to blend this foundation into my skin. The beauty blender does a great job . But I am interested to see how the tarte airbrush finish bamboo foundation brush works with the foundation. Since I have seen videos and read that both of them work amazing together.  This brush retails for $32.00

     Hope you all enjoyed this post, All of these items are available at


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