Friday, March 20, 2015

Barns And Noble: Book Haul ;)

Hi everyone and welcome back, Today I want to share with you guys a resent book haul I made at Barns And Noble.Before we get into the book haul. I want to wish everyone happy first day of spring ! Hope the weather is warm and sunny where ever you might be. Now on to the book the haul....

1. Perfect Pretty Little Lairs: Been loving this series so far. This is the third book in the series. I have finished book one and now on book two and half way done with that one. This series so far is a lite read . This book continues the story of the three friends and them trying to solve the mystery death of there best-friend Allison.

2. Sprlintered:  I don't know much about this book since I didn't do any research on it on line or watch any book reviews on YouTube. I am jumping in not knowing anything about the book. All I can tell you its a series. But you have to say the cover on this book is beautiful! 

3. Alice in Zombieland:  This is the first book in the White Rabbit Chronicles. From what I read on the back of the book it sounds really good and pretty excited to starting reading it. To give you a little information about the book. Its about a girl who as to learn to fight to survive and prove that to be more dangerous then the zombies. I don't want to spoil anything for anyone who as not read the series yet so I wasn't sure how to write it.

That's all of the books I got on this haul. Hope you guys enjoyed it. And maybe you found something you might want to put on your reading list.

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