Friday, April 24, 2015

How I Organize My Smaple Size Beauty Items

Hi everyone! Thanks for taking the time and stopping by to read my blog. Today I want to give you guys a quick organization tip, on how I organize my sample size beauty items. I first saw this idea on pinterest. Then I saw a few beauty gurus using this idea. By the way have I said I much I love pinterst! I seriously spend hours end there looking for inspiration or just organization tips. That I could use in my daily life. I had a few sample size items just laying around and not really organized, So I finally bite the dust and used this creative organization tip. Alright enough chit chat and lets get started on the organization tip,

First you want to find yourself a vase, jar or a container. That will fit all of your beauty items samples. I got this vase at Homegoods for under $10.00 

Next you want to put all of your samples in the vase, jar or container. Here is the first beauty item sample that I have its the blender cleanser Solid beauty blender cleaner. I got this with my sephora beauty insider points a while ago. I haven't used it yet so there isn't much more I can say about this item. If I haven't said this in the entro I have not used any of the samples that I am going to show today. 

Next sample that is going in my vase is the Fekkai Technician Color Care Grapeseed Oil. I guess its a mask for your hair not sure since it doesn't say on the package. This stuff smells really nice. Again I can't say much more then that since I haven't started using any of this samples.Going to use this one and the next two this summer. ( I received this product complimentary for testing purposes)

The last two beauty samples that I am going to put in my vase are the Fekkai Technician Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner. ( I received this products complimentary for testing purposes)

 Here are my beauty sample items in my vase. I think it looks more organized then my samples just laying around in my bathroom. I would put this vase under my sink in a cabanit. Or you can put on top of your sink if you have the room. I don't have that kind of room on my sink since its a small bathroom.

That's it that's my organization tip on how I organize my beauty sample items. Really simple and easy. Hope you guys enjoyed this post. I kinda feel like this organization tip post turned into a diy post =|...let me know in the comment if you feel the same way.

Friday, April 17, 2015

I Love Spring Tag!

Hey everyone! Welcome back to my blog, Today I am going to do something a little different. Today I am going to complete a tag. The tag is called (I Love Spring Tag) hens the title of this post Now normally you see these tags being done on YouTube over video but I thought why cant I complete the tag on my blog. I didn't get tagged by anyone to do this tag. I thought it might make a fun blog post. Hope you guys enjoyed this tag. I had fun answering all of these questions. I tag anyone who wants to do this to. P.S.I got the questions off of goggle. Lets get started!
 Favorite spring nail polish ?
    What is your must have lip color this spring  ?
    Show us your favorite spring dress?
      What's your favorite flower ?                             
    Favorite spring/scarf/accessory ?
    What spring trend(s) are you excited about this year?(Makeup,Fashion or Both)
    Favorite spring candle?
    Favorite body spray/perfume for spring ?
    What is spring like where you live?
    What's your favorite thing about spring ?
    Are you a spring cleaner ?
    Any plans for spring break or upcoming vacation ?
So there are all of the questions I will be answering for this Tag.

Favorite spring nail polish? My favorite spring nail polish is (OPI Feeling Hot Hot Hot!) its the prefect pink for the spring. It as no shimmer in it but its also not a mate polish. Its just perfect.
Not sure if this nail polish is from there permit line or even still available since its from a really old summer  collection.Sorry about that.
Here is the name of the nail polish again. Just in case if you are interested in looking it up and seeing if you can still get it.

What is your must have lip color this spring? My must have lip color is the Cover Girl Lip perfection jumbo lip gloss balm.
I have done a review on this lip gloss already before so I am not going to go in much detail of it. If you want to know more of what I think of this lip gloss go and read my review. I will say this is a really pretty light pink gloss with the tiniest but of shimmer to it, but it doesn't have that sticky feeling that most lip glosses have.Its super easy to put on also goes on really nice on the lips.The color pay off is great doesn't take a lot to get to the color that is shown above and its a really moisturizing  lip gloss balm.
Here is a swatch of the Cover Girl Lip Perfection jumbo lip gloss balm. How pretty is this lip gloss! If I didn't mention this before I am not sure what this lip gloss color is called since the name of it was on the plastic wrap and I threw that away once I opened it. But if it helps the number is (2153233). Oh hello there foot

 Show us your favorite spring dress? 
 This razor back long maxi dress is one favorites dresses to wear during the spring time.I got this dress from target if anyone is wondering. Its light dress with two slits on the side of it. In the photo its coming out blue I don't know why that is. But in person its a beautiful purple dress with a tribal design on it. This dress I wore to my sister's middle school graduation, so every time I put this dress on it brings back those memories.

 What's your favorite flower ? My favorite flower of spring is the Orkut. They are stunning and they come in so many different colors. If you don't know  what a Orkut flower looks like. Here is a picture of a Orkut.

 Favorite spring/scarf/accessory ? My favorite spring time scarf is this H&M scarf that I got a couple of years back ago.
The first time I saw this scarf was on YouTube so many beauty grues were buying it and every time I saw them with it. I said to myself I need that scarf. So I finally went out and bought one for myself. I love it its not a heavy scarf so its perfect for the springtime. I can wear this scarf with pretty much anything and it totally changes the outfit. It as a beautiful pattern on it of leaves.It was so inexpensive so that is a big plus. I would say I didn't pay no more then $15.00 for it. Overall a great scarf.
 What spring trend(s) are you excited about this year?(Makeup,Fashion or Both)
 Spring trends that I am excited for this year are trench coats which I cant believe I don't own one yet! and military greens love this type of green color. Now for makeup trends for this spring the bare minimum makeup look love this look. A other makeup trend that I am looking forward to is the purple haze (light lavender eye shadow) purple is my all time favorite color so I will be trying out some purple eye shadow looks.

Favorite spring candle? My favorite spring candle is the island margarita candle from bathandbodyworks. Which I have to say smells amazing!

 Favorite body spray/perfume for spring ? My favorite perfume for the spring as to be my dolce & gabbana light blue perfume.
This perfume is perfect for the spring it as a lite floral scent which will last all day long. And won't give you a headache after wearing it all day. Bonus points there!
What is spring like where you live? Its still gets a little chilly in the morning at times but by the afternoon it warms up. 

What's your favorite thing about spring ? My favorite thing about spring is the weather of course. Its not to hot yet but its not freezing cold neither. I love spring it is one of my favorite seasons always look forward to it every year.

Are you a spring cleaner ?  Yes I am a spring cleaner. I love cleaning and giving stuff away and starting fresh. I feel so much better after and its always great to have extra space.

Any plans for spring break or upcoming vacation ?  Well I am not in school anymore so I don't get a spring break. But for upcoming vacation I don't have anything planned yet. But I would love to go to South Beach for two weeks either this spring or during the summer.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Products I Have Used Up/ Review ...And One Regret

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog. Today I am going to be talking about products that I have used up lately. And I also am going to talk about one regret item. Which I don't like to talk bad about any products but I guess sometimes it happens. With that being said let's get started!

Here is a overview of all of the products that I have used up lately. And like I said in the entro there is a regret item in the basket also.

First item is the ZAPZYT acne spot treatment gel. This was a great spot treatment it dried up any pimples I had making them less red and swollen. I would normally put this before I would go to bed on any trouble spots I had that day. And by morning time they would be less visible. I have to note that this a very strong treatment. So use it carefully.

Second item that I have used up recently is the Garnier Clean Refreshing Remover Cleansing Towelettes for Normal Skin. I love these wipes this my second packet it of these wipes. They remove all of your makeup with just one wipe. Now for mascara I did find it that it took off most of my mascara but I still had to go in with my eye makeup remover to get off the rest. They have refreshing and clean scent to them. And you can get these at any drugstore they are pretty inexpensive. They run for about ($5.99)

Third item is the Pure Vanilla Healthy Deodorant. Note: ( This is not a full size) I don't have much to say about this item. Expect it kept me dry all day and it smelled really good. This is a high end deodorant just putting that out there. You find it at Sephora and I have recently seen it at my local Whole Foods. It price for ($14.00)

Next item I have used up is the Clean & Clear Blackhead Cleaning Scrub. This scrub was good, Its a very gently scrub so if you wanted to use it everyday you could get away it without begin to harsh on your skin. I didn't use it everyday. I only use it when I needed it. I didn't use this scrub all over my face just where I have blackheads.Which is down my nose and top of my cheek bones. This product claims you will see fewer blackheads in just two days. Most of the time I did find it to be true. This item as a very silky feeling to it nothing like I ever felt before in a product. The smell is a clean scent. I would definitely repurchase this item. Really enjoyed it kinda sad its gone.

Second to last item that I have used up is the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer. In the color Light Pale. I did a blog post about this item already I believe it was my third or fourth blog post. So I am not going to go into much detail of it. Just because if you want to read more about it check out my review on it that I did. What I can say is that its a amazing concealer! It covers up any dark circles you may have. The only downfall of this item was the sponge applicator, which I talked about on my review. I did not like the sponge I wish they would have made it to a brush applicator. So I could have used this product on other parts of my face. But I talk about that all in my review. Overall this was a amazing concealer and definitely a holy grail product of mine.

The last item is not a empty product. But I have used about half of it. This product I  really regret buying which I hate to say about any item. But it just didn't work for me. Its the Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Curl Define& Hold Creme. This item claims it manages frizz to defined curl. This product works by pumping out a dime size amount into your hands and running it threw your hair. I go from my ear loop and down. I don't put this in my roots because since its a cream it would weigh down my hair. This product just didn't work out for me I tried putting in my hair when my hair is wet and let it air dry, and I also tried to blow dry my hair after I put in this product. But I didn't see that it managed any kind of frizz. My hair was still as frizz as before I started using this product. So with begin said I regret buying this item. It wasn't that expensive but I did have some hope it would control my frizz hair.

That's all of my products that I have used up. Hope you guys enjoyed this post. And I will talk to you guys very soon.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Top Three LipGlosses

Hey everyone! Thanks for coming by to my blog today. Today I want to talk about my Top 3 Lip glosses. There is so many good lip glosses out there right now, I can't keep up... So as you can imagine this wasn't easy to pick my top 3 favorites. But I have found that these three lip glosses I always gone back to time after time. Now that I have said that I probably jinx it and they will be discounted the next time next I go out and try to repurchase them ...(lol) knock on wood that doesn't happen. Not to waste anymore more time let's get get to the lip glosses.....

The first one is the Cover Girl lip perfection jumbo lip balm. Not sure what name is but the number is (215) if that helps. Love this lip gloss its very moisturizing to the lips. Its also not sticky which is great! If I didn't mention this before all of these lip glosses that I am going to talk about today.They all can be found at any drugstore.

Here is a swatch of the Cover Girl lip perfection jumbo lip balm. The color pay off is great. It doesn't take a lot of layers to get this color. I would say its a dark pink.

The second lip gloss is the Rimmel London Show Off Lip Lacquer in (Galaxy) Overall its a good lip gloss. I like to wear it on its own because the color pay off is great but you can lay it over a lipstick if you would like.One coat of this and done. It does have a scent to it. Which I guess I don't mind but sometimes it bothers me. Not that its a bad scent but its not a scent I like. This lip gloss is a tiny bit sticky but nothing that your hair would get stuck to.

A swatch of the Rimmel Landon Show Off Lip Lacquer in (Galaxy). I forgot to mention it does have some glitter to it. So if you don't like glitter in your lip glosses. I would say this is not a lip glosses you would like.  

The last lip gloss I want to talk about is the Burt's Bees Lip Shine in (Wink) I have to say out off all the lip glosses I talked about today this one is my favorite. Since its in a squeeze tube its the easiest one to apply because you don't need a mirror. The only down fall about this lip gloss is that the color pay off isn't that great.You have to apply lot to get the color in the tube. But that could have something to do with the fact it said lip shine. Just to throw this out there its a very sticky lip gloss.So with that being said if you are not a big fan of sticky lip glosses I wouldn't recommend this product.

A swatch of the Burt's Bees Lip shine in the color (Wink). Its a very bubblegum pink definitely much lighter of a pink then the Cover Girl lip perfection jumbo lip balm in the number 215. But yet very pretty. I sometimes I wear this on its own but most of the time I like to put it on top of a lipstick.

  • Cover Girl Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss Balm ($8.99)
  •  Rimmel Landon Show Off Lip Lacquer ($5.99)
  • Burt's Bees Lip Shine ($ 6.99)
Hope you guys enjoyed this post. If you have any favorite lip glosses let me know in a comment below. And I will talk to you guys very soon.