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April Favorites

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog today. Today I am going to be doing my April favorites for this month. I cant believe we are done with April and now we are on May 1st already! Where as the time gone to? On the side note I can't believe my birthday is only two weeks away !!! Anyways back to this week blog post. Here is a overview of all my favorites this month, I will try to link everything to where you can get these items from and prices. Those links will be at the end of the post. Hope you guys enjoy this post. Sorry if its so long just have a lot to talk about this month. Without farther a do lets get to the favorites.
First favorite of this month is my NARS duo blush & bronzer in orgasm and laguna. This duo was on my Sephora 2015 wishlist which I did a post already on my wishlist. So check that out if you are interested. I am so glad that I picked this duo up. The blush in this duo is so pretty its a dusty pink with shimmer in it. I love it! It gives me such a nice natural glow to my cheeks. The bronzer is also great love how it warms up my face without it looking muddy.

Second favorite of this month are my Burt's Bees Facial Cleansing towelettes with white tea extract.
I picked up these wipes about I have to say a month ago at my local drug store. I never tried burts bees face stuff before only there lip products. And I have to say I really like these face wipes. They smell like tea such is really nice. They do what they claim removes dirt, oil and makeup. Now for eye makeup these wipes are not that great. But if you are looking for some great makeup removing towelettes I would recommend these. They come with 30 pre moistened towelettes and they are not that expensive. Big plus! 

Third favorite is the pore fessional by Benefit. This is not a full size, its only a sample size that I got with my beauty insider points. This product is a balm that you put on wherever you have pores on your face. So for me it would be my cheeks and down my nose. This product claims it minimize the appearance of pores. I was really shocked that it really does what it says. I would normally stay away from products like this but I really have been enjoying using it after I put on my foundation.
Next item is the Rimmel London match perfection concealer and highlighter in one. This concealer I find is not talked much in the beauty blog community. But it should be its a great concealer it covers up any dark circles I might have and it as a brush applicator.Which you guys know I am a big fan of. Its a very creamy concealer so it apply to the face very well with out getting into fine lines and caking up threw out the day.
Let's move on to hair products. My only favorite hair product this month was my Organix nourishing coconut milk anti-breakage serum. This serum is a light wight serum that you could use every time you wash your hair if you wanted to. I don't use it every time I wash my hair because I found that it weighed down my hair. This serum smells really nice and as you can see from the picture I have been really enjoying it. I pump about a dime size a amount on to my finger tips then I rub my finger tips together for a few seconds. After I apply it onto my damp hair working it from my ear loop down really forcing it on my ends. Don't apply this serum to your roots because it will leave them looking oily! trust me I have done that mistake before with this item. Then I take a large wide tooth comb and comb it out to make sure every piece of hair got a even amount. I see a real difference in amount of breakage I have after using this product.
Now that I look back on this blog post it's a bit out of order since this is a face item and should be with my other face products and not after a hair product. Oh well I am just going to go with it. Next favorite of mine this month was my beauty blender. I have done a pro and con kind of review on here for this item already. So if you are interested on the pros and cons list I had for this item then go check that blog post out. My thoughts on this item is that its totally wroth the money. I have stop using my makeup brushes since I bought the beauty blender about six months if I am not mistaking. It blends in your foundation amazing  leaving your skim looking flawless.I also started applying  my concealer with the beauty blender and it also does a great job blending it out and making it look flawless. Overall I love this item and would tell anyone who as not gone out and bought one and tried it out for them self's what are you waiting for go and get yourself one.   
Now for my favorite lip stuff for this month. I love been really enjoying my Burt's Bees nourishing  lip balm with mango butter. This chap stick is really moisturizing to the lips .And it smells  fruity which is nice. I use this lip balm mostly before I go to bed every time. I find that when I wake up in the morning my lips are moisturized and not chapped.
A other Burt's Bess lip favorite this month is my hibiscus tinted lip balm. Not only is this a chap stick but it gives you some color to your lips. BONUS!
Here is a swatch of the color its a peachy red =\ not sure how I would describe this color. The photo isn't doing the color much justice. Trust me in person its a pretty color. This tinted lip balm is very  moisturizing to lips. I sometimes wear it on its own but most of the time I like to pair it with one of my lip glosses. 
A other lip product that I have been loving this month, is the Cover girl Lip Lava in Lava Lutser. I picked up  this lip glosses at the beginning of this month and have been using it everyday since then. Love how this lip gloss as a brush applier and not a sponge one. I find it easier to apply the product with the brush. It as a stopper inside so when you pull out the brush you don't get a big clump of lip gloss.
As you can see from the picture above its a pretty peach color. It does have glitter to it and its a bit sticky to the touch. So if are not a fan of sticky lip glosses with glitter then I would stay away from this product. I love that its a peach color so I can get away with wearing it  to work with out it beaning to much of a statement.
The last lip item that I have to show you is my Rimmel London Show Off Lip Lacquers in Galaxy. I have been really enjoying this lip gloss. Its a bit of a dark color for the spring time, but I  have been wearing it almost all of this month. I sometimes wear it to work but I put a tiny bit on because it can a little much. I like to pair this lip gloss with my Burt's Bess hibiscus tinted lip balm. Which I have already talked about. But together they look very pretty and the purple tones that are in this lip gloss are tone down because I paired with my tinted balm. But by it self is also as pretty. Which I also do.
By it's self it comes off as a berry color. As you can see from the swatch I took. It does have a tiny bit of shimmer to it not sure if you can see it on this photo. Its a little sticky but not to bad. Overall a good lip gloss and the color pay off is great doesn't take a lot of layers to get to the color on the my wrist.
The last favorite for this month isn't a beauty item, but I wanted to include it in this monthly favorites. Its a watch that I picked up at Macy's like one year ago I believe. I never been a watch person but lately I have been really enjoying wear it. Love layering it with other pieces of jewelry.


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