Friday, May 15, 2015

Jewelry Haul

Hi Everyone, thanks for taking the time to stop by to read my blog. Today I am going to show you some jewelry that I have picked up this past weekend.Which I said that I was going to do a jewelry post on my last week blog post so if you haven't seen my makeup haul post I did last week. Make sure you stop by there and give it some love. These jewelry pieces that I am going to show you today are from forever 21 and the others are from a store called charlotte russe. All right without further a due here is the jewelry haul.
The first piece of jewelry I picked up is a gold statement necklace.With nine square gold blocks on it (not sure what you would call them.) When I first saw this necklace in the store I fell in love with it, and knew I wasn't going home with out. This necklaces is going to look great with my v neck t shirts or any plain t shirts.

The second piece of jewelry that I got was a really fun statement necklace.
Love how this necklace as the pink pearls and tear drops around the chain and then as some big and chunky diamond flowers. This is going to be a fun necklace to wear with a plain t shirt or v neck t shirt or even a simple maxi dress. I say simple because its such a statement of a necklace that you don't want to wear a t shirt or a maxi dress with a lot on it. 

The last necklace that I got was this shark tooth chain necklace.
You might be thinking wait a minute this is two necklaces. Nope its actually one but you can wear one if you wanted to. I have already been wearing this necklace. I wear both at a time because I like to make one shorter then a other one. Just in case its not showing on the photo the shark chain is gold.

And that's all of the jewelry that I picked up this weekend. Hope you guys enjoyed this post. If you did enjoy please follow me on here and on twitter so you know when I have a new post up. Talk to you guys soon.

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