Friday, May 8, 2015

MakeUp Haul

Hey everyone thanks for coming by today. Today I want to share a quick haul of some makeup items that I have picked up in the last couple of days. Most of these items are from Target. I also have some jewelry to show you guys, but I am going to include that in its separate post. Lets get started,

Cover Girl Professional Brow & Eye Makers In Midnight Brown: As you can see from the picture I kept the package on them to show you what it looks like.They come with two pencils which is really nice because I loose anything that isn't attach to my body lol.. I ran out of my brow pencil which was the NYX  brow pencil which I loved but never got a chance to repurchase.

Cover Girl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation:I heard so many good things about this foundation and read so many great reviews. That I had to pick up one for myself and see what the craziness was about with this foundation. I am in the shade 105 classic ivory if anybody is wondering. I have only tried this foundation once since I bought it so don't have much to say about it. Will keep you posted on it.

Cover Girl lash Blast Maraca: So happy that I have this maraca again. Cant believe how much I missed using this maraca. Its such a great maraca.

Nivea A Kiss Of Olive Oil & Lemon:This item was really hard to find. I had to go many drugstores to find this. But so glad I did find it. I don't know what I did without it. I have obviously used this item already  since purchasing it. Don't worry it doesn't smell like olive oil.  It as a fruity scent to it which surprised me.

Gold Bond Eczema Relief Hand Cream: I picked up this hand cream because the hand cream I am  using at the moment I cant take the scent to it anymore way to strong for me. I know that it says this hand cream is for eczema relief. But lately I have been noticing that I have getting scaly patches on the side of my left hand and it itches and it turns red after scratching it. Not sure if that is eczema. If anyone of you know let me know in a comment below.  If didn't say what the hand I was using before picking up this one it was the hand food hand cream by soap and glory.

 And that's it for my haul. Hope you guys enjoy this haul. And I will talk to you very soon.


  1. Great haul.x

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    1. Thanks ! Yes of course I will follow u .....have u checked out my new post it's a jewelry haul !


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