Friday, June 19, 2015

Coach Over The Body Purse

Hey everyone, Thanks for taking the time and stopping by to read my blog. Today I want to talk about a purse that I have been using the last couple of years especially during the summer time. Alright lets get into this review.
Here is the purse that I want to talk about. Its the coach over the body the bag. In the color plum.  I had this bag for a couple of years now and I still love it. I use this bag a lot during the summertime. I find myself bringing this bag to vacation, beach, pool, shopping and parks.  Basically anywhere that I think I would want both of my hands free. I really have put this bag thru it all and it still looks brand new.
This bag as a lot of compartments to it. It has that big button one in the front of the purse. And it also as this big pocket in the back of the bag. And of course the main compartment.  Everything I would need to bring with me that day fits nicely in this purse.
Here is the inside of the main compartment of the bag. As you can see from the picture or if you can't I find that  this main compartment is very narrow inside, so my  big and long wallet is tight in here. It as this beautiful lavender lining inside thru out the bag.  Love the gold hardware to this bag, it's those small details that get me excited about this bag or any handbag. (lol)

This bag is a little bit of on the expensive side but if you are willing to the spend the money. This bag is totally wroth it. I couldn't find the same the bag anymore. Since this a old bag from a couple of years ago. But I am sure you could find something that looks like this bag. 

Hope you guys enjoy this post. And I will talk to you soon.


  1. I love Coach and this is great for everyday use. Great post!

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