Friday, June 12, 2015

Products I Have Used Up And A Review!!!

Hi everyone! Welcome back to my blog. Today I am going to be showing you all of the products that I have used up these couple of months, I will also included a tiny review of each item. I feel like it wasn't to long ago I did one of these blog post. Cant believe how fast this basket as gotten full. Alright with that being said lets get  started with the empties.
Here is a quick overview of all the products that I have used up these couple of months. 
First product that I have used up is the Listerine Healthy White Mouth Wash in (restoring). I love this line of mouth washes from Listerine. This item claims it will whiten your teeth after using it twice a day for 30 seconds. I find it does whitening my teeth but nothing like to be wowed over. Its more of a small difference. They have three different kinds in this line. I haven't tried all three of them yet. But so far really enjoying this mouth wash. This is my third bottle. So as you can see I really like it.
Second item that I used up is the Organix thick & full biotin and collagen shampoo.This claims it will make strands feel thicker and look fuller and give any hair some texture in just one use.Overall it did all it claim it said. I felt like my hair looked thicker, fuller and it had some texture to it. Since my hair is fine, flat and curly so it was nice to have the look of thicker fuller hair. Texture wise I did find that my curls were not so flat and more bouncy. The only downfall to this item was that it had a gel like consistency to it so I didn't feel like it gave me such a good clean. And the smell of this shampoo started to get on my nerves half way using it.
Second item is a purifying mud mask for your face.I bought this at target only for one dollar! The selection was great they had so many for all different things. I only got one use out of this packet because I waited to long after opening it to use it again. So by the time I wanted to use it again it got all dried up and flaky. I would suggest to store it in a tiny container so it won't dry up on you for the next time you want to use it. Overall it was a good mask loved how my skin looked and felt like after using it. The only thing I wish they would change about this mask is the smell.Wasn't a big fan of the sent.
Next is the Soap and Glory Hand Food hand cream. I wasn't a big fan of this hand cream. I felt like no matter how much I rubbed this hand cream into my hands  it wouldn't completely dry. It also left a greasy feeling after using it. To be honest I also got tried of the scent after a while of using it. Its not a bad scent at all, it smells clean and fresh. But I thought the scent was just to strong.
Third to last item that I have used up is my 3d Crest White Luxe toothpaste in lustrous shine. Love all of the toothpaste in this line from crest. I definitely see my teeth getting whiter every time I use this toothpaste. Already have bought a new tube of this tooth paste.
The Rembrandt toothpaste in deeply white. I did not like this toothpaste at all! Will not be buying this again. First there was so much air in this tube due to the peroxide that's inside of it. That there was not a lot of tooth paste in the tube making it not last that long .
The last item that I have used up is two items but I am going to say its one since they go together. Its the Lancome Hyponose drama maraca. And the Lancome CILS Booster XXL. I found this maraca to be a love and hate maraca. Its a very wet maraca and the brush as a curve to it.
So it takes some time to find the perfect way to apply it. The booster was just like any maraca primer a white color maraca. Overall both of them together worked amazing on lengthening your lashes and also separating them. The maraca by itself was also good but it didn't do as a good job lengthening your lashes as it did if you were to use the primer. (Note: This is not the full size)

That's all of the products that I used up these couple of months. I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Make sure you are following me here so you don't miss any of my post. Also make sure you go and follow me on twitter for updates and to know when I will be posting a new  post. Talk to you guys soon.

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