Friday, July 3, 2015

June Favorites A Mixture of Makeup,Jewerly,Technology Etc......

Hey everyone,Welcome back to my blog. Today I am going to be share with you guys my June favorites from this past month. I cant believe June is already done.Where as the time gone to ? As you read from the title June as been a mixture of favorites not just makeup. Anyways without further more lets get into it.
Starting from the top left corner. My first favorite of this month as been my Cover Girl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation. I am in the shade (105) classic ivory. If anyone is wondering. I love this foundation not only is it affordable but it blurs any redness or acne I might have that day. It gives me a flawless finish to my face. This foundation blends really easily into my skin and I have noticed I don't get shiny thru out the day wearing this foundation. Big Plus Points!!! ;). PS: its oily free just in case if you guys wanted to know.

Second favorite of this month as been a perfume sample I got a while back at sephora. Its the Cartier Baiser Vole Lys Rose Perfume. This perfume as just a feminine and beautiful scent to it. I am bad at describing scents.So I am going to just write out what sephora said the perfume scent is. The scent of this perfume is pink lily, raspberry floral. I like to wear this perfume during the day and even at night time if I was going out. I like it so much that once I am finish with this sample I might go out and get the full bottle of it. And that doesn't happen a lot with me and perfumes.

Third favorite is the Pore Fessional Benefit Blam. As you probably can tell from the photo above this is not a full sized item. Its only a sample sized. Now normally I would stay away from products like this. Because I find them to be gimmick and not have much action to back up there claims. But this item surprised me. It really does minimize the appearance of pores.You can apply this balm before your foundation or after your foundation. I apply this both ways and it works amazing it minimizes the size of my pores while keeping me shine free. I usually apply this balm on my cheeks since that's where I have the most pores and then whatever is left on my finger tips I will apply on my forehead and down bridge of my nose.

 Next favorite of mine is my  NYX Eye/EyeBrow Pencil in (918 White Pearl). This little white pencil as been a life saver of mine this past month! Especially on days where I don't get enough sleep that night before or when I look really tried and need to look wide  awake really quick. I will just apply this pencil on to waterline and in the inner corner of my eyes. And I am out the door. I don't use this pencil on my eyebrows but you can if you wanted to. 
The second to last beauty item favorite of this month. As been my NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder. In the shade (Sunny). I love this bronzer it gives me such a warmth and glow to my skin. Without looking orange or muddy. This is a mate bronzer so its perfect for contouring your face. I find myself sometimes using this bronzer as blush because I just love the glow and warmth to my skin. This is one bronzer that I have repurchased over again. The best part is about this bronzer is its no more then five dollars! What a great deal for a bronzer! :)

The last beauty favorite of this month is my Cover Girl Brow & Eye Makers Pencil. I am in the shade (light brown). This is a great brow pencil it gets my brows filled in without much work. And it stays on all day. Now I have real thick brow's so I don't need to use this pencil a lot. All I use this for is to fill any blank spaces in my brow's from the years of waxing them. 
Alright now time for my favorite jewelry from this past month. I promise you guys I am almost done. (lol). First is this gold statement necklace with these plates on it. Love wearing this with a simple t shirt or even a v- neck t shirt. It changes the whole outfit. The next necklace is this very colorful statement piece with flower diamonds on it. Let's take a second to say how gorgeous are these necklaces!...This necklace would also look good with a v-neck t shirt or a simple t shirt, even a color t shirt. And will add a maxi dress to this list. Both of these necklaces are lite weight so they won't weigh down on your neck. Which I like statement necklaces to be.  
Last but not least favorite of mine this past month as been my Fit Bit Charge. I have had my fitbit for a about over a month now. And I love it I have been wearing it ever since I bought it. This will count your steps, calories burned and  floors. Track how many miles you have taken thru out the day. Also time out how much active time you got. It also does a lot more like track sleep, exercise, food plan and  water intake. I have tried most of this things but not the food plan or the sleep tracker just not that interested in that part of the fitbit. But everything else I love to know how much of that I have done in one day. 

That's all of my June favorites of this month. I know this was a long post, but hope you guys enjoyed reading it. Let me know in a comment below what as been your June favorites. And I will talk to you guys soon. 

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