Friday, July 17, 2015

REVIEW:Nars Light Reflecting Pressed Setteing Powder

Hey everyone! Welcome to my blog, Today I am going to be reviewing a product that I picked up about a month ago and have been really loving it. The item that I am talking about is the Nars light reflecting pressed setting powder. This is a weightless finishing powder that gives me a matte luminous finish to my face. Without setting into fines lines or caking up thru not the day.
This powder blurs away enlarged pores and smooths the appearance of my skin. Without the look of a heavy coverage. Just a amazing setting powder definitely becoming a staple of mine. I love using this setting powder under my eyes after I apply concealer because it as no color to it so it wont cake-up or do anything weird. Also perfect for using after foundation if you need to set it. I find it when I do use this setting powder my foundation last longer and I don't get that oily if I wasn't using it..

The one thing that bugs me about this item is that when you first try to use it. There is this weird film layer on top, that you have to break away first. Before getting any product on your brush. But now that I have broken that weird film layer. This setting powder works beautifully!:] The last two things I want to say about the Nars light reflecting powder is. It cost $36.00, which is a lot of money but its totally wroth every penny. Free from parabens for those of you who might ask.

And that's my review on the Nars light reflecting powder. Hope you guys enjoy this post. And found this review helpful. Let me know in the comments below if you have tried this item before and what were your thoughts on it. Talk to you soon.

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  1. It sounds like a great product! But I wonder what that weird film thing was? :D


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