Friday, July 24, 2015

SUMMER Clothing Haul!!!..

Hi everyone! Today I am going to show you a clothing haul that I have picked up the last week or so. I was standing in front of my closet this past week and saw that I really didn't have that many t shirts in there and a lot of the t shirts I did have in my closet were pretty much warned out and needed to be replaced. And I also picked up two pairs of athletic shorts. Those will be included in this haul to. Without a further a due lets get stared with this haul.
 The first two shirts on the left hand side of your computer screen are v neck t shirts in two different shades of purple. These v neck t shirts hit higher, so I am able to workout in them without worrying that I will be showing anything. Next are these two t shirts that I got for a great deal at Aero they were $3.99 each! The first one is a green bottom down polo t shirt. The last t shirt I picked up at the Aero is this grey v neck t shirt. Can you tell that I I love my v neck t shirts. (lol)
 I also picked up these athletic shorts in black and gray. Love these shorts for days when I don't want get to dress up or just want to be lazy. I also find these shorts to be very versatile in that I find myself wearing them to bed as pjs, working out in them and wearing them as a bottom cover up to the beach/pool.

That's all that I picked up on this haul. Hope you enjoyed this and I will talk to you very soon. 

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