Friday, August 21, 2015


Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by to my blog and welcome. Today I am going to be doing a haul/ first impressions/ review, on two items that I got at the Sephora insider appreciation sale that was in the beginning of this month. I don't have anything left to say. So lets get started. 
Here are the two items that I picked up during the insider appreciation sale. First item that I picked up is the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Wash cleanser with a Antioxidant Booster. And second and last item that I picked up is the Murad Clarifying Wipes For Blemish-Prone Skin.

Lets get started on the first impressions/ review part of this blog post. The first item that I am to be talking about is the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Wash Cleanser With A Antioxidant Booster. The First thing I noticed about this item when I used it that it as a gel consistency to it. Which I never been a big fan of especially for face stuff. This product is different from other face cleansers even tho it as a gel like to it because it will lather up really nice giving you the feel that its cleaning your face. This cleanser is a little thick of a cleanser I don't mind at all. The only down fall to this cleanser is the scent not a big fan of it. Don't get me wrong it not a bad smell or anything but it could smell better. The one thing that I love about this item is that my skin doesn't feel dry after using it. ($20.00)

Now into the Murad Clarifying Wipes For Blemish - Prone Skin. The first thing that I noticed about these wipes when I first used them is the smell. It as a very strong scent to it. Which threw me off at first but now that I have been using them for a week now. I don't mind it at all. I wish could describe the scent to you but I am terrible at that sorry. I use these wipes in the morning after I wake up just to refresh my face and to get any oily,dirt off. I don't use them to get makeup off, so not sure if they work like that. They claim to help keep skin clear and I have to say I know I only have used them for a week now but I do see my face not breaking out as much since using this wipes. Thumbs up for that! :) ($18.00)

 That's all for my haul/first impressions/review on the two items that I picked up at the sephora insider appreciation sale. Hope you guys enjoyed this haul and let me know if you have or thinking of trying these items for yourself in a comment below. Make sure you follow me on twitter:Shopaholic84504 so you know when new post go up. And I will talk you guys soon.


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