Friday, October 30, 2015

October Favorites Makeup + Jewerly!!!

Hey everyone and welcome back to my blog today. I cant believe October is coming to a close already, where as this year gone to ? Well if you saw the title already you know that this blog post is going to be my October favorites. I don't have many October favorites to show you guys so this is going to a quick post. Lets get started!
Ok for the makeup part of the favorites lets start with the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Wash This is a gentle cleanser to the face, but still getting off all my makeup at night. I love it really gets my face clean without drying out my face and most of the time I find that I don't need to put on moisturizer on afterward. 

Next favorite of mine this month as been my Murad Clarifying Wipes For Blemish-Prone Skin. I like to use this wipes in the morning to just to get rid of any oil or dirt that may be on my skin. I am sure you could use them for removing makeup but I never have done that. A other thing that I really like about these wipes are that they help keep my acne in control. The only downfall to these wipes are that they do dry out my skin a tiny bit. Overall really like them and will keep re buying them. They come with 30 wipes.

Last makeup favorite of mine is a item that was in my last blog post. So if you haven't checked out that post yet go do so. Its the Loreal LA LACQUE  lip gloss in (choco lacque). This lip gloss which I don't like calling it a gloss because its not a lip gloss. It reminds me more of a chubby stick. This lip item is so creamy and goes on smooth on the lips without drying them out. The color is so pretty its a nude pink color. Amazing lip product I would totally tell you guys to go out and pick it up and try out for your self's.
  Last part of my October favorites are these two pieces of jewelry. First one on the left side of your computer screen is a caged style ring love this ring, it only fits on my ring finger.... lol The last one is a x style like ring that doesn't have closed on the back so you can adjust it to the size you want it. Love wearing them both of them with a very simple outfit or just one of them.  

And that's all of my October favorites! This month I didn't have a lot to show you so hope you guys enjoyed this quick favorites. Let me know in the comments below what you have been loving this month. Talk to you guys soon.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Top Drugstore Products You Need to Buy!!!

Hi everyone.. And thanks for taking the time to stop by to read my blog, Welcome if you are new here. Today I want to talk and show you guys some of my top drugstore products that I love and keep re buying and I think you should go out and buy them for yourself. Ok I have nothing left elas to say so lets just begin.

Lets start with top drugstore products for the face. First is foundation and the foundation that I love form the drugstore is the CoverGirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation.  As many of you know this foundation is highly talked about in the beauty world. Everything everyone said about this item is true! Its a amazing foundation that goes on beautiful on the face and the finish is flawless. For the price of this foundation I say it wroth making this list! Love it <3

Next is concealer this one was a little hard for me since I have two concealers that I think should make this blog post. One of them did which is the Rimmel London Match Perfection Concealer. This is a other amazing beauty item. It covers up my dark circles, it blends into my skin really nice without looking caky. Overall a great concealer from the drugstore. The only thing is that this concealer isn't talked about much in the beauty world. I don't why tho because its a amazing product.  
Now the other concealer that I wanted to show you guys but don't have in my possession right now. Is the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Treatment Concealer. That product to me is hands down my forever favorite concealer. Just wanted to mention it because I think its worth begin in this post in some way or form.

Last top drugstore item for the face is bronzer. Now if you have been with me and reading my blog for a while now or however long I have been posting post. Then you already know that my top bronzer from the drugstore is the NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder. This bronzer is amazing it gives your skin a beautiful glow and warmth to your skin without it looking orange or muddy. Just a amazing product for begin under $5.00!!!! PS its a matte bronzer if anyone prefers a mate bronzer.


 Next I am going to be talking about my top drugstore items for the eyes. For mascara it is the Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume Mascara. This is a other highly talked about item in the beauty world. And again everything anyone said about this item is true! This mascara gives my lashes so much volume to them that every time I wear this mascara my mom always thinks I have false eye lashes on (lol) Its a really easy product to work with and doesn't take much time or effort to get the look you want from it. Last item for the eyes is the NYX EyeShadow Base. This is a really great base for eye the lids it keeps the eye shadow from creasing on you. 


Let's move on to lips. I have two items that made my top drugstore products you need to buy list. Fist is the Cover Girl Lip Lava Lip Gloss (lava luster). This lip gloss as been in some of my other post here, so I am sure you are tried of hearing about it. But it is a great lip gloss that gives your lips a really nice shine with a pink peachy color to them. It is a sticky lip gloss but since the color is so pretty I don't even mind that it is a sticky lip gloss. One more thing this lip gloss as shimmer to it but its real fine not a big deal.

Next lip item is the Loreal LA LACQUE  (Chocolacque). This is such a pretty pink nude on the lips. I wouldn't say this is a lip gloss because its not sticky not all its very creamy. I think this lip item is like a chubby stick.

 More Face

Last but not least is more face items. I know these items should have been included with the other face items. Oops mistakes were made. First are my all time favorite makeup remover towelettes. Which are the Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes. These towelettes I find myself going back to every time I try something different. They do amazing job on removing all of your makeup at night, they even will remove eye makeup without irritating my eyes.
And the last item that made my top drug store products that you need to buy is my St. Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub.  I love everything that St. Ives makes there products are great and work amazing. This scrub does the job when my skin is looking a little rough. After using this I find that my makeup goes on beautiful for days on. 

That's all of my top drug store items that I think you need to go and try for your-self's Hope you guys enjoyed this post and found something that you might want to try for your self. Let me know in a comments below if you have tried out any of these items and what were your thoughts on them? Talk to you guys soon.


Friday, October 16, 2015

Sephora Face And Eye Masks Frist Impression + REVIEW!

 Hey everyone, Welcome back to my blog! Today I want to review and do a first impressions on two items that I have recently picked up at Sephora and have used already. One of these items was in a haul post here on my blog already. So if you have checked out that post. Then you already have a idea on what product I am going to be talking about today. Ok without further a due lets get started.
Here is a photo of the items that I am going to be talking about. If you guys have tried out these sephora face masks or eye masks for yourself. Let me know in a comment below which ones you have tried out and what were your thoughts on them. I would love to know.

 Maque Rose Sephora Rose Mask Face Fiber Mask: The first impression once I ripped off the package to this mask its a very wet mask. This is a sheet mask so its only good for one time use. There was even left over liquid inside the package. So I recommend that you open this over a bathroom sink and not over your bed like I did.  :/ (oopps mistakes were made) This mask is to smell like roses I don't know to me it didn't smell like roses. Let me know in a comments if yours did ? I wasn't a big fan of the smell.

This mask left my skin feeling very moisturizing. Which was really nice since my skin is dry because its getting colder outside. After taking off the mask after leaving it on your face for fifteen minutes. You will have extra oil on your face that you just have to rub in with your fingers and it should go away. The big up side is that the extra oil will dry up really quick. Now here is where the downfall to this mask comes. So on the back of the package it said you don't have to rinse after using it, But I found that I my face felt sticky to the touch after it dried complete. 

I raised off my face with water after because I didn't want to lay down on my pillows and have my face stick to them. Overall I did enjoy this mask and will be re buying it probably not the same one again since I haven't tried all of them yet. One more thing I forgot to mention is that you need to be laying down when using this mask, because if you try using it and standing up it will just slide right off your face.  ($6.00)

Masque Yeux Miel Sephora Honey Eye Mask:  Again first impression when I ripped off the package to this mask its a very a wet mask! This one is also a sheet mask so only for one time use. I found that this eye mask didn't slip off as easily as the face mask did. You still should be laying down when using this because you might find a little slipping if standing up.

You leave this mask under your eyes for fifteen minutes. After taking the mask off you have to rub in that extra oil into your skin. The nice part it will dry up really fast. Again the downfall is that it left my under eye feeling stinky to the touch. Same as the face mask you don't have to rise off your face after use. I didn't this time. Overall I did enjoy this eye mask I found it that it made the under eye feeling softer.

The one thing I did notice that the package didn't say anything about, is brightening under the eye area. To me when I looked in the mirror the next day my under eye looks brighter. If anyone eals had that to after using this.  ($5.00) Please Let me know in a comment. 

That's all for this first impression plus review. Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post and found it helpful in some way. Talk you guys soon.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Instagram Roundup Of My Top 3 Favorite Outfits Of The Day +MORE!!!

Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by. Today I wanted to do something a little fun, since not everyone who reads my blog knows that I have a Instagram account. I thought I would show you my top three favorite outfits of day that I have been posting on there. If you are interested in seeing more of my outfits of the day be sure to follow me on Instagram. My Instagram is Shopaholic8450. I will try to include prices for very item but some of these clothing items I have had for a while now and don't remember the price point or couldn't find them on line to give guys a link to them. Anyways lets get started: 
First outfit of the day is very causal and comfortable outfit. Its just this a little bit over sized tie dyed tee shirt that I don't remember where I got it from. And for pants its just these destroy jeans from GAP which are my favorite jeans since they fit perfect and are super comfortable. Forgot to say this in the beginning my style is causal, comfortable but yet girly. Does that make sense ? 
Second favorite outfit of the day of mine that I have posted on Instagram is this one. Which is a other causal and comfortable outfit. This time I dresses it up with this black scarf of mine that I love its huge, lit weight but it keeps me so warm! I got this scarf at H&M gosh maybe like 3 years ago I want to say.. For pants I went for these yoga pants that are super comfortable and very stretchy. Love that they have this pop of color to them so it gives this very black and gray outfit some color. And last is this long shelve black and gray shirt that I picked up this past weekend at American Eagle. This shirt is so soft and lose but yet it forms to your body so nice. This shirt was in my weekend haul post this past week. So if you haven't seen that haul yet go and check it out. ($24.00)
For my last favorite outfit of the day. Is of course a other comfortable yet causal outfit. First Are my straight line jeans from GAP. Love them! Next for top I went for this black long shelve shirt from American Eagle that as feathers on it. This is a other lose shirt but its so soft and forms to your body amazing.($24.00) And last but not least is this scarf that I paired it with. Which is lit weight but yet it keeps me warm. It kinda matches the shirt since the scarf as feathers on it also. This scarf is from H&M. Not sure if they have the same one anymore since I picked this up like a couple of winters ago. Sorry....

And that's it for my Instagram round up of my top three favorite outfits of the day! Hope you guys enjoyed this post.  And found some inspiration for your outfits. Happy Fall!<3 Talk you guys soon.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Sephora And American Eagle TINY HAUL!

Hey everyone! Thank you for stopping to my blog. Today I want to share with you guys what I have hauled this past weekend. As you can see from the title above this is going to be a tiny haul. I hope you guys enjoyed it anyway and let's just get into it. 
 Here is everything I hauled this past weekend. First two items are going to be from Sephora. The first item is the Sephora Honey Eye (Fiber eye mask.) which is on the left side of your computer screen. I am pretty excited to use this mask this upcoming weekend! I have used the sephora masks before for the face but never tried the eye masks. I will keep you guys posted on how I like both of them. ($7.00)

Next Sephora item that I got is the tarte buffer airbrush finish bamboo foundation brush. I haven't tried out this brush yet. But I am pretty excited about it!! If you have been reading my blog for a while now then you know that this brush was on my Sephora Wish List blog post. If you haven't read that post yet and are interested in what elas was on that sephora wish list make sure you go and give that post some love. ($36.00)

Last item is from American Eagle which was my favorite clothing store back when I was in high school. I haven't been in that store lately so I wasn't sure what to expect when I walked in. I was impressed with the selection. Anyways I picked up this long shelved shirt with tiny black and white stripes on it. I have worn this shirt already this past Sunday. If you follow me on Instagram then you already seen the outfit I put together using this shirt.  

And if you don't follow me on Instagram you are missing out on some really awesome outfit of the days. So be sure to follow me on there. My Instagram is Shopaholic8450. Back to what I was saying about this shirt. Its really comfortable and super soft and nice and lose just perfect to wear on a lazy day. I got this shirt in a medium but found it to be a little big, so if you are thinking about picking up this shirt your self maybe go a size smaller. ($28.00)

 Hope you guys enjoyed this tiny haul. Hopefully you found something that you want to go out and try your self's. As always thanks for taking the time to stop by and reading my blog. Talk to you guys soon.