Friday, October 16, 2015

Sephora Face And Eye Masks Frist Impression + REVIEW!

 Hey everyone, Welcome back to my blog! Today I want to review and do a first impressions on two items that I have recently picked up at Sephora and have used already. One of these items was in a haul post here on my blog already. So if you have checked out that post. Then you already have a idea on what product I am going to be talking about today. Ok without further a due lets get started.
Here is a photo of the items that I am going to be talking about. If you guys have tried out these sephora face masks or eye masks for yourself. Let me know in a comment below which ones you have tried out and what were your thoughts on them. I would love to know.

 Maque Rose Sephora Rose Mask Face Fiber Mask: The first impression once I ripped off the package to this mask its a very wet mask. This is a sheet mask so its only good for one time use. There was even left over liquid inside the package. So I recommend that you open this over a bathroom sink and not over your bed like I did.  :/ (oopps mistakes were made) This mask is to smell like roses I don't know to me it didn't smell like roses. Let me know in a comments if yours did ? I wasn't a big fan of the smell.

This mask left my skin feeling very moisturizing. Which was really nice since my skin is dry because its getting colder outside. After taking off the mask after leaving it on your face for fifteen minutes. You will have extra oil on your face that you just have to rub in with your fingers and it should go away. The big up side is that the extra oil will dry up really quick. Now here is where the downfall to this mask comes. So on the back of the package it said you don't have to rinse after using it, But I found that I my face felt sticky to the touch after it dried complete. 

I raised off my face with water after because I didn't want to lay down on my pillows and have my face stick to them. Overall I did enjoy this mask and will be re buying it probably not the same one again since I haven't tried all of them yet. One more thing I forgot to mention is that you need to be laying down when using this mask, because if you try using it and standing up it will just slide right off your face.  ($6.00)

Masque Yeux Miel Sephora Honey Eye Mask:  Again first impression when I ripped off the package to this mask its a very a wet mask! This one is also a sheet mask so only for one time use. I found that this eye mask didn't slip off as easily as the face mask did. You still should be laying down when using this because you might find a little slipping if standing up.

You leave this mask under your eyes for fifteen minutes. After taking the mask off you have to rub in that extra oil into your skin. The nice part it will dry up really fast. Again the downfall is that it left my under eye feeling stinky to the touch. Same as the face mask you don't have to rise off your face after use. I didn't this time. Overall I did enjoy this eye mask I found it that it made the under eye feeling softer.

The one thing I did notice that the package didn't say anything about, is brightening under the eye area. To me when I looked in the mirror the next day my under eye looks brighter. If anyone eals had that to after using this.  ($5.00) Please Let me know in a comment. 

That's all for this first impression plus review. Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post and found it helpful in some way. Talk you guys soon.

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