Friday, October 9, 2015

Instagram Roundup Of My Top 3 Favorite Outfits Of The Day +MORE!!!

Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by. Today I wanted to do something a little fun, since not everyone who reads my blog knows that I have a Instagram account. I thought I would show you my top three favorite outfits of day that I have been posting on there. If you are interested in seeing more of my outfits of the day be sure to follow me on Instagram. My Instagram is Shopaholic8450. I will try to include prices for very item but some of these clothing items I have had for a while now and don't remember the price point or couldn't find them on line to give guys a link to them. Anyways lets get started: 
First outfit of the day is very causal and comfortable outfit. Its just this a little bit over sized tie dyed tee shirt that I don't remember where I got it from. And for pants its just these destroy jeans from GAP which are my favorite jeans since they fit perfect and are super comfortable. Forgot to say this in the beginning my style is causal, comfortable but yet girly. Does that make sense ? 
Second favorite outfit of the day of mine that I have posted on Instagram is this one. Which is a other causal and comfortable outfit. This time I dresses it up with this black scarf of mine that I love its huge, lit weight but it keeps me so warm! I got this scarf at H&M gosh maybe like 3 years ago I want to say.. For pants I went for these yoga pants that are super comfortable and very stretchy. Love that they have this pop of color to them so it gives this very black and gray outfit some color. And last is this long shelve black and gray shirt that I picked up this past weekend at American Eagle. This shirt is so soft and lose but yet it forms to your body so nice. This shirt was in my weekend haul post this past week. So if you haven't seen that haul yet go and check it out. ($24.00)
For my last favorite outfit of the day. Is of course a other comfortable yet causal outfit. First Are my straight line jeans from GAP. Love them! Next for top I went for this black long shelve shirt from American Eagle that as feathers on it. This is a other lose shirt but its so soft and forms to your body amazing.($24.00) And last but not least is this scarf that I paired it with. Which is lit weight but yet it keeps me warm. It kinda matches the shirt since the scarf as feathers on it also. This scarf is from H&M. Not sure if they have the same one anymore since I picked this up like a couple of winters ago. Sorry....

And that's it for my Instagram round up of my top three favorite outfits of the day! Hope you guys enjoyed this post.  And found some inspiration for your outfits. Happy Fall!<3 Talk you guys soon.

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