Friday, October 23, 2015

Top Drugstore Products You Need to Buy!!!

Hi everyone.. And thanks for taking the time to stop by to read my blog, Welcome if you are new here. Today I want to talk and show you guys some of my top drugstore products that I love and keep re buying and I think you should go out and buy them for yourself. Ok I have nothing left elas to say so lets just begin.

Lets start with top drugstore products for the face. First is foundation and the foundation that I love form the drugstore is the CoverGirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation.  As many of you know this foundation is highly talked about in the beauty world. Everything everyone said about this item is true! Its a amazing foundation that goes on beautiful on the face and the finish is flawless. For the price of this foundation I say it wroth making this list! Love it <3

Next is concealer this one was a little hard for me since I have two concealers that I think should make this blog post. One of them did which is the Rimmel London Match Perfection Concealer. This is a other amazing beauty item. It covers up my dark circles, it blends into my skin really nice without looking caky. Overall a great concealer from the drugstore. The only thing is that this concealer isn't talked about much in the beauty world. I don't why tho because its a amazing product.  
Now the other concealer that I wanted to show you guys but don't have in my possession right now. Is the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Treatment Concealer. That product to me is hands down my forever favorite concealer. Just wanted to mention it because I think its worth begin in this post in some way or form.

Last top drugstore item for the face is bronzer. Now if you have been with me and reading my blog for a while now or however long I have been posting post. Then you already know that my top bronzer from the drugstore is the NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder. This bronzer is amazing it gives your skin a beautiful glow and warmth to your skin without it looking orange or muddy. Just a amazing product for begin under $5.00!!!! PS its a matte bronzer if anyone prefers a mate bronzer.


 Next I am going to be talking about my top drugstore items for the eyes. For mascara it is the Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume Mascara. This is a other highly talked about item in the beauty world. And again everything anyone said about this item is true! This mascara gives my lashes so much volume to them that every time I wear this mascara my mom always thinks I have false eye lashes on (lol) Its a really easy product to work with and doesn't take much time or effort to get the look you want from it. Last item for the eyes is the NYX EyeShadow Base. This is a really great base for eye the lids it keeps the eye shadow from creasing on you. 


Let's move on to lips. I have two items that made my top drugstore products you need to buy list. Fist is the Cover Girl Lip Lava Lip Gloss (lava luster). This lip gloss as been in some of my other post here, so I am sure you are tried of hearing about it. But it is a great lip gloss that gives your lips a really nice shine with a pink peachy color to them. It is a sticky lip gloss but since the color is so pretty I don't even mind that it is a sticky lip gloss. One more thing this lip gloss as shimmer to it but its real fine not a big deal.

Next lip item is the Loreal LA LACQUE  (Chocolacque). This is such a pretty pink nude on the lips. I wouldn't say this is a lip gloss because its not sticky not all its very creamy. I think this lip item is like a chubby stick.

 More Face

Last but not least is more face items. I know these items should have been included with the other face items. Oops mistakes were made. First are my all time favorite makeup remover towelettes. Which are the Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes. These towelettes I find myself going back to every time I try something different. They do amazing job on removing all of your makeup at night, they even will remove eye makeup without irritating my eyes.
And the last item that made my top drug store products that you need to buy is my St. Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub.  I love everything that St. Ives makes there products are great and work amazing. This scrub does the job when my skin is looking a little rough. After using this I find that my makeup goes on beautiful for days on. 

That's all of my top drug store items that I think you need to go and try for your-self's Hope you guys enjoyed this post and found something that you might want to try for your self. Let me know in a comments below if you have tried out any of these items and what were your thoughts on them? Talk to you guys soon.


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