Friday, November 13, 2015


Hey everyone. Hope everyone is doing well, and welcome back to my blog. Today I wanted to share with you guys a few items that I picked up at Sephora and CVS recently. Without further more let's jump right into this haul.
 Here is everything I picked up recently most of this stuff I have ran out of and needed and the rest is things I have wanted to try out but have not picked it up until now. Two items I have tired out for the first time this past Sunday and there is one more item that I have tried out already. So I will let you know my first impressions on them. The Sephora stuff is mixed in. I guess I will start with the CVS items since there is more of that. Then finish off the haul with Sephora items.

Pantene Original Fresh Dry Shampoo: I have tried out the pantene dry shampoo's before and really enjoyed it. They do a great job on soaking up all of the oil in hair but also leaving it looking fresh. The one thing I really like about this dry shampoo that I found others that I have tried in the past do is this one wont leave a lot of build up in your hair. ($7.49)

Biore Deep Cleaning CHARCOAL Pore Strips: I have already tried out one of these strips. Overall they did a good job on cleaning out my pores. One thing I didn't really like is that they didn't stick on very well on to on my nose. I found that I had to keep pressing it down so it wouldn't fall off. They come with 6 nose stripes in a box. I believe these stripes were ($8.99)  But don't quote me on that.
CoverGirl The Super Sizer Mascara: Now if you have been reading my blog posts lately then you know how much I have been loving my Urban Decay Perversion mascara. I still do don't get me wrong. But I have been hearing so many good things about this mascara that I had to try it out for myself and see what everyone is talking about. I haven't used it yet since I only got it today. But I will definitely be letting you guys know what I think of it and all that good stuff. ($7.49)

Oral B Cavity Defense Tooth Brush: This item I threw in just in for fun. I am sure you guys don't care what kind of tooth brush I use or maybe you do I don't know. I have always used the Oral B brand and really like there tooth brushes. I feel like I get a good clean with them. ($5.99)

 Elizabeth And James Nirvana Black Perfume: I normally don't buy perfume often since I don't wear or go thru perfumes that quickly to where I need to keep re buying them. But ever since MakeupbyTiffany D  which she is a youtuber for anyone who didn't know. Anyways ever since she started talking about it and how much she loves this perfume. I knew I had to go out and try it for myself. And oh my god! was she right! I love it I wore it for the first time this Sunday and fell in love with it. Last all day without it begin over powering the smell of this perfume is amazing. The notes in it are violet, sandalwood and vanilla.
As you can tell form the photo this is not the full sized one. I got the 0.24Fl Oz. bottle since I just wanted to try it and see how I like it. Love this perfume I know I only have wore it once but you guys need to go out and try it for yourself. ($12.00)

Laura Mercier Tented Moisturizer: The last item I didn't buy myself I got a free sample of by just using my beauty insider points at sephora. I was super excited about this item since this is a highly talked about beauty product in the beauty world as I am sure as many of you know already. Cant really say much about this item since I only have used it once already since I got it. But what I can say is that it blends very well and easy to the face. I find that I don't need to blot my face thru out the day which is very nice. That's all I really can say wish I had more to say about this item. But once I start really using it I will do a update post on this.

That's it for this cvs and sephora haul. Hope you guys enjoyed this haul and I guess mimi review on the items that I have tried already. And maybe found it helpful in some way. Let me know in the comments below if you guys have tried any of this products and what were thoughts were on them.

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