Friday, November 20, 2015


Hey everyone! Thanks for taking the time to stop and read my blog. Today I want to talk about and give you guys a review on my favorite makeup towelettes that have been showing up on other post on here. They are the Neutrogena makeup remover cleansing towelettes. Ok without further more lets jump right into it.
 Here they are they are the ones in the blue packet. I am sure you guys know that neutrogena as many different kinds of these makeup towelettes but these are my all time favorite. They come with 25 pre moistened towelettes in each pack. These towelettes cost about ($6.99) but I also have seen them for $7.99 or even $8.99 so it just depends on where you go to buy them.

Love these wipes because at night when I am ready to take off my makeup they take off all of my makeup with just one towelette. Without leaving your skin dry or oilying feeling. I also found that these wipes are great for taking off eye makeup even mascara because they won't irritate my eyes. Which is a big plus for me since I have very sensitive eyes. 
I would 100% recommend these wipes to anyone who is looking for some new makeup wipes. I have used these wipes for years and I am never disappointed by them.
They are soft towelettes to the touch and super wet. The best part is that these wipes don't dry out really quick they really do stay wet all the way down to the last one. The way I like to store them is the opening face down. I just cant say good enough things about these wipes they are just great makeup wipes.
That's all for this review. Hope you guys enjoyed on reading my thoughts on the Neutrogena makeup remover cleansing towelettes and found it helpful. If you guys have already used these makeup wipes please feel free to leave your thoughts on them in a comment below. Also let me know would you guys recommend these wipes? Talk to you guys soon.

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