Friday, January 29, 2016


Hey everyone! Welcome to my blog. Today I want to share a outfit I wore this past week for a shopping/dinner date. I have shown the sweater and the pants that I am wearing in this outfit before but never on me. Hope you guys like the outfit and maybe found some inspiration from it for a date night outfit for you. Without further more lets get to the outfit.

I want to take this time to a apologize for the second photo begin sideways. I was taking this photo with my i pad and I just couldn't hold it with one hand and take the photo.

Let's start with the sweater. The sweater is from gap its super soft, warm and comfortable a little on the baggy side of sweaters but still very cute. It as a little of a v neck to it just putting that out there in case some you don't like v necks on sweaters. 

I paired a tank top from H&M under the sweater because of the the v neck. These tank tops are my favorite, I have them all different colors. Instead of jewelry I wore this big lit but yet warm scarf also from H&M that I got a couple of years ago so not sure if you can get the same one anymore.

For pants I wore my favorite but only pair of jeggings from American Eagle. These jeggings are so stretchy and super super comfortable I literally could sleep in them if I could. 

Last but not least is shoes. For shoes I went for my lit brown boots with not even a inch of a heel to them. I don't remember where I bought these boots its been that long. These boots are not the most comfortable but I wore them because I thought they looked really good with this outfit.

That's all for this outfit of the day. Hope you guys enjoyed and liked the outfit I planned out. Again found some inspiration from my outfit. Don't forget to follow my blog so you know when new post go up, with that begin said I will talk to you guys soon.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Empties From November And December!!!! Would I Re Buy These Items Again?

Hey everyone! Thanks for taking a few minutes out of your day to come by and read my blog. For today's post I want to share with you guys my past two months of empty products that I have used up and give you a little review and answer the old age question Would I repurchase this item? With out further more let's just jump right into it.
First group of products that I am going to be talking about is products for the face. I am going to start at the left hand side of the picture above. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Wash. I bought this cleanser during the holiday season and I needed a new cleanser. I heard good things about this item. First thing I can say about this item is that it didn't make my skin feel tight or dry after using it. Kinda of a thick cleanser so it does take a little of work to get to a lather. 

Now for the smell of this cleanser for me it was ok wasn't a big fan of the smell, but I got use it after using it a couple of times. The consistency of this cleanser is more like a gel then a cream which I am not a big fan of gel cleansers, due to the fact most of gel like cleansers that I have used in the past I need to really work with it to get a somewhat of a lather to my face. Overall I did enjoy this product now would I go run out and re buy it again?  Probably not since I do have other cleansers that I have used in the past that I loved.

Next item that I have used in the past two months are my Neutregena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes. These are my whole time favorite makeup removing towelettes that I have tried. They remove your makeup with just one wipe, even mascara! I did a whole post just talking about these wipes. So if you are interested in what elas I had to say about these wipes please feel free to go check out that post. Yes I would re buy these again. 

Last item for these group of items is my sample that I got which is the Purity Made Simple Cleanser By Philosophy. This was a nice cleanser I did feel like it clean my face but it didn't have much of a lather to it. Which like my cleansers to have a little of a lather to them.
The smell to this cleanser was really nice it reminder me of my dove soap I use when taking a shower. Which by the way is a very clean smell. The formula to this cleanser is a very creamy one which is nice and made it feel very rich. Overall I did enjoy this sample of this cleanser. Would I go out and re buy this product, the answer is yes I would. Even tho it didn't have much of a lather to it. It did make my face feel clean and soft.
Le'ts move on to hair products. First hair product I used up is the Nurishing Coconut Milk Shampoo. This shampoo was really good it is a very thick and creamy shampoo so a little goes a long way this one. It smells like coconuts hence the name (lol) its not a very over powerful smell was it didn't make me wanna stop using it. I find that some of these shampoos have a very strong scent to them and I never end up using the whole bottle of the shampoo. Made my hair feel clean and my roots very shiny. I also found I had less breakage after using this product. With that begin said I think we can safely say that this is a product I would be repurchasing again.

The last hair product that I have is the Neutrogena T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo. This was a amazing clarifying shampoo it really got rid of any build up that was in my hair from using dry shampoo and other products in it. Now for the scent of this shampoo wasn't the best. This might sound a little weird but the scent of this shampoo reminded me of the smell of a dollar store. I don't know I know that is a weird scent comparison but that's what I thought of it when I smell this shampoo.Yes I would use this again.
Miscellaneous Items
The last group of empties are miscellaneous items since I only have one of each. Anyways staring off at the left side of the picture above, first empty is the Urban Decay Perversion Mascara. Really good mascara it gave my lashes really nice volume to them and made them look thicker. This is a very wet mascara and the brush to this mascara is very fat and short if that makes any sense. I also did a whole post just talking about this product so if you are interested on more of what I have to say about this item please go and check out that post. Yes I would repurchase this mascara again.

Second to last item is the Rimmel London Show Off Lip Lacquer Lip Gloss in (Galaxy). If you guys have been reading any of my post from the summer and fall I believe time then I am sure you remember this lip gloss since it did make a few appearances in other post here. Really nice berry lip gloss with a little glitter to it. Would I re by this lip gloss most liking not just because the scent to this item was very strong and no matter I much I love using this I couldn't get over the scent. 

My last empty that I have for you guys is the Aveeno Eczema Therapy Hand Cream. Amazing hand cream not only did it keep my hands from getting dry, itchy and red but really does moisturizers your hands. I love this hand cream it was so rich and creamy that I only needed a little bit of it to work. Yes and Yes I would get this again.

That's all of this empty post. Hope you guys enjoyed this and found it entertaining and helpful in some ways. Sorry if this was a long post I just had a lot to say about these products. As always be sure you are following my blog to know when new post go up. Or you can also follow me on twitter since I do link out  my blog there @Shopaholic84504 Talk to guys soon.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Fashion And Beauty Haul! From GAP, Sephora, Forever21+ More.....

Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog.Today I want to share a fashion and beauty haul with you guys that I picked up the last few weeks. Hope you guys enjoyed this week's post. I am going to start with the fashion part of this haul then we will finish off with the beauty items. Let's get started.
First thing I picked up was this lite gray color sweater dress from Old Navy. I have never owned a sweater dress before and thought why not and plus I was looking for a outfit for Christmas. This dress was a perfect dress super comfortable,warm and not itchy at all. It also layed on my body perfect. Overall super happy I bought this dress and I will be re wearing this again until it gets warm outside again.

Next clothing item that I picked up was this dark berry sweater from Forever 21. Love the color of this sweater that's the main reason why I bought this swear the color was calling my name (lol). I wore this sweater about two weeks ago already. Its super comfortable this sweater is a little more from fitting to the body. Overall super comfortable very happy with it.

The last piece of clothing item that I picked up was this over sized sweater in a dark gray color sweater from GAP. This is a very soft sweater and super comfortable. Perfect with leggings or skinny jeans since its such a over sized sweater. 
 Let's move on to the beauty part of this haul. I am going to start at the top left of the picture above. First beauty item I picked up was this bun ease thing for your hair, its to make making buns easy. I am going to try out this Friday night and then I will give you guys a update to see if it was really easy and how it worked and my thoughts.Be sure to stay following me on social media for when that post will be out. 

Second item is the becca highlighter. I have never really was into highlighting. I have tried out one highlighting product before it was elf but didn't really like it that much. Once I have tried this product out I fell in love. Its such a beautiful highlighter and gives your face such a pretty glow. Loves it!

Third beauty beauty item that I picked up these last few weeks, is the frizz eaze hair spray. The reason for getting a traveled sized one and not a full sized one. Is because I am going to be using this one while traveling I will be doing this weekend. So it makes sense that I didn't buy a full sized one. I never have used any of the John Frieda hairsprays before so I am hoping it won't let me down.

Second to last beauty item is the Loreal Voluminos mascara in very black. Now I have used this mascara already once so I can't really say much about it. What I can say I did enjoy it the only thing I notice about this mascara was the smell of it. I don't know if I got a bad one but mine smelled like rubber....  A other thing I noticed while wearing this mascara all day by end of the night my eyes were a little red like they were irritated not sure if that was the mascara or the very cold wind that was blowing that night.

Last beauty item is a other hand cream. As many of you already know I have very dry hands so I like to always have a tube of hand cream on my night stand. That way before I go to bed I put some on my hands. I picked up the Curel Ultra Healing hand cream. I have never used this hand cream before. I am excited to see if it eases the dry itchy hands I get sometimes.

That's all for this fashion and beauty haul. Hope you guys enjoyed this post and maybe found something that you might want to go out and get for your self. Also if there is anything here that I mentioned in this haul that you guys want to see a review post on please feel free to let me know in the comments below, I am more then happy to do that for you guys. As always make sure you are following me here on my blog to know when I post new stuff. Or you can also follow me on Twitter @Shopaholic84504 since I do link out my blog on there. Anyways I will talk to guys very soon.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Review On The Tarte Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush

Hi everyone! Welcome back to my blog glad you could stop by. Today I want to do a other review on yet a other makeup brush. This time I am going to be telling you my thoughts on the Tarte Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush. If you haven't yet checked out my last review on the Chanel # 4 blush brush go and give the that post some love. Anyways lets just get right into it.
The Tarte Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush is a super dense brush and super soft. I have used sponges, beauty blenders and other foundation brushes but I find myself always grabbing this brush to apply my foundation even tinted moisturizer. I love the airbrush finish and flawless look that it gives my face. The coverage that this makeup brush gives is amazing! Super easy to work with and washes really well no shedding in the process which is always a big plus in my book.

This foundation brush doesn't drink up the foundation, which I found with other brushes did and I ended up using more product on my face then I really needed to. Since this brush is so dense its the perfect brush for buffing in product into your face.  

I find this brush to be very high quality and so far the best foundation brush I ever used. This brush cost $34.00. Which is not that bad for beaning a great item. Overall I am very happy with this makeup brush and I say its totally wroth going out buying one for yourself.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Review On The Chanel Pinceau Blush Brush # 4

Hi everyone! Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. Today I want to give you my thoughts on one of my favorite blush brushes that I have been loving these couple of months now. Without further more let's get into it.
 This is the Chanel Pinceau Blush Brush # 4. This is my first Chanel brush I have own. I have never bought one before because I couldn't see myself spending so much money on one makeup brush, but I am so happy I did because I love it! This is a tapered natural fiber brush so its super soft to the touch. They don't use scissors or razors to cut the hair on the brush, which I don't find on many makeup brushes. 

The brush is super easy to work with, picks up color super easily. Also washes really well but I have been noticing that it sheds a little when washing it, which is a little disappointing. 

I find the best way of using this blush brush is to tap on the color on into your cheeks first then lightly blend it out. This brush cost $54.00 which I know is a lot of money for a makeup brush but you get what you pay for which is a great blush brush that will hold up thru out using it and washing it over and over again. 

I don't really have anything else to say about this makeup brush. Its a great brush to have and I am really happy with it. 

That's all for this review. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and found it helpful in some way if you were thinking about getting this makeup brush for yourself. Let me know in the comments below if you have this makeup brush already and what were thoughts on it. I would love to know what you guys think of this item.

As always be sure to follow my blog to know when post are up, and also make sure you are following my twitter @Shopaholic84504 since I do link my blog on there. Talk to you guys soon.