Friday, January 29, 2016


Hey everyone! Welcome to my blog. Today I want to share a outfit I wore this past week for a shopping/dinner date. I have shown the sweater and the pants that I am wearing in this outfit before but never on me. Hope you guys like the outfit and maybe found some inspiration from it for a date night outfit for you. Without further more lets get to the outfit.

I want to take this time to a apologize for the second photo begin sideways. I was taking this photo with my i pad and I just couldn't hold it with one hand and take the photo.

Let's start with the sweater. The sweater is from gap its super soft, warm and comfortable a little on the baggy side of sweaters but still very cute. It as a little of a v neck to it just putting that out there in case some you don't like v necks on sweaters. 

I paired a tank top from H&M under the sweater because of the the v neck. These tank tops are my favorite, I have them all different colors. Instead of jewelry I wore this big lit but yet warm scarf also from H&M that I got a couple of years ago so not sure if you can get the same one anymore.

For pants I wore my favorite but only pair of jeggings from American Eagle. These jeggings are so stretchy and super super comfortable I literally could sleep in them if I could. 

Last but not least is shoes. For shoes I went for my lit brown boots with not even a inch of a heel to them. I don't remember where I bought these boots its been that long. These boots are not the most comfortable but I wore them because I thought they looked really good with this outfit.

That's all for this outfit of the day. Hope you guys enjoyed and liked the outfit I planned out. Again found some inspiration from my outfit. Don't forget to follow my blog so you know when new post go up, with that begin said I will talk to you guys soon.

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  1. Great outfit, love the boots!



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