Friday, January 15, 2016

Fashion And Beauty Haul! From GAP, Sephora, Forever21+ More.....

Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog.Today I want to share a fashion and beauty haul with you guys that I picked up the last few weeks. Hope you guys enjoyed this week's post. I am going to start with the fashion part of this haul then we will finish off with the beauty items. Let's get started.
First thing I picked up was this lite gray color sweater dress from Old Navy. I have never owned a sweater dress before and thought why not and plus I was looking for a outfit for Christmas. This dress was a perfect dress super comfortable,warm and not itchy at all. It also layed on my body perfect. Overall super happy I bought this dress and I will be re wearing this again until it gets warm outside again.

Next clothing item that I picked up was this dark berry sweater from Forever 21. Love the color of this sweater that's the main reason why I bought this swear the color was calling my name (lol). I wore this sweater about two weeks ago already. Its super comfortable this sweater is a little more from fitting to the body. Overall super comfortable very happy with it.

The last piece of clothing item that I picked up was this over sized sweater in a dark gray color sweater from GAP. This is a very soft sweater and super comfortable. Perfect with leggings or skinny jeans since its such a over sized sweater. 
 Let's move on to the beauty part of this haul. I am going to start at the top left of the picture above. First beauty item I picked up was this bun ease thing for your hair, its to make making buns easy. I am going to try out this Friday night and then I will give you guys a update to see if it was really easy and how it worked and my thoughts.Be sure to stay following me on social media for when that post will be out. 

Second item is the becca highlighter. I have never really was into highlighting. I have tried out one highlighting product before it was elf but didn't really like it that much. Once I have tried this product out I fell in love. Its such a beautiful highlighter and gives your face such a pretty glow. Loves it!

Third beauty beauty item that I picked up these last few weeks, is the frizz eaze hair spray. The reason for getting a traveled sized one and not a full sized one. Is because I am going to be using this one while traveling I will be doing this weekend. So it makes sense that I didn't buy a full sized one. I never have used any of the John Frieda hairsprays before so I am hoping it won't let me down.

Second to last beauty item is the Loreal Voluminos mascara in very black. Now I have used this mascara already once so I can't really say much about it. What I can say I did enjoy it the only thing I notice about this mascara was the smell of it. I don't know if I got a bad one but mine smelled like rubber....  A other thing I noticed while wearing this mascara all day by end of the night my eyes were a little red like they were irritated not sure if that was the mascara or the very cold wind that was blowing that night.

Last beauty item is a other hand cream. As many of you already know I have very dry hands so I like to always have a tube of hand cream on my night stand. That way before I go to bed I put some on my hands. I picked up the Curel Ultra Healing hand cream. I have never used this hand cream before. I am excited to see if it eases the dry itchy hands I get sometimes.

That's all for this fashion and beauty haul. Hope you guys enjoyed this post and maybe found something that you might want to go out and get for your self. Also if there is anything here that I mentioned in this haul that you guys want to see a review post on please feel free to let me know in the comments below, I am more then happy to do that for you guys. As always make sure you are following me here on my blog to know when I post new stuff. Or you can also follow me on Twitter @Shopaholic84504 since I do link out my blog on there. Anyways I will talk to guys very soon.

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