Friday, February 5, 2016

Outfit Of The Day!!!! What I Wore To A Sports Banquet

Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog. Today I am going to show you guys a other outfit of the day. I know I know two outfits of the day back to back. I promise this is the last one for a while unless you guys like them let me know in a comments below. The reason I wanted to show you guys this outfit is because its a bit more dressed up then my everyday causal outfits that I wear. Enough of me blabbing on lets get into the outfit.
For the sports banquet this past weekend. I wore this sweater dress from Old Navy. I normally don't shop at old navy but when I saw this dress I could not pass it up. As you can see from the pictures above this is a very long sweater dress but super comfortable and warm. I love how it fits to my body. By the way this dress does have a little of a turtle neck to it not sure if you can see it in the pictures above. I didn't wear any jewelry with this dress since I feel like this outfit looks 100% better without jewelry. Overall I was very happy and comfortable in this outfit and glad that I decided to wear it. Let's move on to what shoes I wore with this sweater dress.
For shoes I wore these black knee high boots with sliver hardware. They don't have any heel to them so they were super comfortable. These shoes basically covered up any leg that the dress didn't cover,since it was a little chilly that day.

That's my whole outfit. Hope you guys enjoyed this post and found some interspersion for your self's. As always be such you are following my blog or twitter so you know when I post new stuff. I forgot to mention this in the beginning of this post but I did show this outfit on Instagram already. For the ones who follow me on there already saw it. But if you don't follow me on Instagram What are you waiting for??? Go and follow me so you don't miss any of the fun. (Shopaholic8450) As always I will talk to you guys soon.

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