Friday, February 19, 2016

Valentine's Day Outfit +Nails And Much More!!!

Hey everyone and welcome to my blog. Today I want to show you guys what I wore on Valentine's Day. I know, I know Valentine's Day as come and gone But I really liked what I wore that day and thought why not and it share with you guys. By the way Happy Belated Valentine's Day hope everyone had a amazing day. Ok enough about that lets move on to the outfit.
Here is the whole outfit with the shoes and a accessories which is a scarf if you can't tell by the photo above. I want to apologize because I forgot to take a photo with me wearing the outfit. Hope this is ok. Alright lets start with the sweater I wore that night. The sweater is from Gap its a dark gray with transition colors going form a lite gray all the way to white. If you look close at the photo you can tell there is a peek of that lite grey and white.

This sweater is a little baggy but not over baggy if that makes any sense. Its a little more fitted at the arms. This sweater also as the slits at the sides. Which I like it gives the sweater something different then very other sweater out there. This sweater was super comfortable and soft.

Pants I wore these black skinny jeans from H&M. Something that makes these jeans different then very other black skinny jean out there is that it as zippers at the ankle area. If you take a look at the photo I let the zipper show so you guys can see where they were. These jeans where super comfortable and super stretchy which I like in a skinny jean. Something that these jeans did for me that I find most jeans don't do for me, is that these jeans gave me a butt. (lol)

For accessories I went for my black circle scarf that as fringe on it. Last but not least is shoes and I just went for my knee high black boots. If you guys have read my other outfits of the day posts then you have seen these boots on here before. 
I normally don't show my nails when I do outfit of the day post. That's because I never paint my nails so there isn't much to show there. Since it was Valentine's Day I thought I would do something. I went to my local CVS and picked up the imPRESS press on manicure. The thing that caught my eye with there fake nails then the others is that these you don't need glue to put them on. All you have to do is peel off  the baking and you just stick them on. The package it said these nails are to last a whole week. I wouldn't know if they do or not since I only wore them for the weekend. 

I really enjoyed having these nails on for the weekend they stayed put and didn't really bother me like most fake nails do. I would recommenced them for anyone who is looking something to do to there nails but dont want to paint them. PS to remove them was super easy all I did was soak my nails in warm water and they came right off.

That's all for this outfit of the day. Hope you guys enjoyed this outfit of the day with a little bit more in sight into my outfit. And maybe found inspiration for a outfit of your own. As always I will talk you guys soon.

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