Friday, April 29, 2016

April Favorites And A Product Update...

Hey everyone welcome back to my blog. Today I want to share with you guys my April favorites and give you a update on a product that have mentioned in a recent haul post here on my blog. I don't have lots of favorites this months so this will be a short post. Hope you guys don't mind, anyways lets get started. 
Here is all of my favorites for this month. I am going to start at the left side of the photo above with the beauty items then the one piece of jewelry and so on.

Two Faced Better Then Sex Mascara:  Love this mascara it gives my lashes so much volume and length. This mascara is a very wet formula so I found it a little hard to work with at the beginning, but once it started to dry out a bit the formula started to become a lot easier to work with. Great mascara if you guys haven't tried out this product yet go and do so you won't regret it.

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray: I believe I have said this before in a other post, but I have never been a setting spray girl I have always used powder to set my foundation. This product as changed my mind about setting sprays. This setting spray sets makeup beautifully it also doesn't feel sticky and heavy on the face.

Sephora Pro Mini Full Coverage Brush (53.5): I have mentioned this brush and talked about it a little on my haul post I did about two weeks ago here on my blog. If you are interested in that post please feel free and go check it out. I have been loving using this brush this past month for bronzing. This makeup brush is a very dense brush which I like in a brush. It is also very precise brush which makes it great for contouring. Best of all it doesn't shed when washing. Love this brush and very happy I bought it.

Alex And Ani Bracelet:I have been loving wearing this bracelet this past month, it is a lite weight and goes with everything I wear. I also like that it comes in gold. These bracelets are very affordable which it a big plus for me. Great piece of jewelry.

The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend Book: I know I normally don't mention books in my favorites but this book was so good that I could not mention it. I don't know what to say because I don't want to ruin it for anyone who as not read it yet or was thinking about reading this book. What I can say without giving anything away is that its a great book and not slow at all. Its one of those books that I will be rereading again in the near future. Love how the author wrote it.

That's all for the favorites. Now to that product update.

I have mentioned and showed you guys this item before in that same haul post about two weeks ago. Well I have a few more things to say now that I have been using it for a month now. The main thing that I wanted to update you guys now is that puff that you see above that comes with these blotting sheets.

I said in that haul post that the puff doesn't really do what it claims it does. Which is to stick a blotting sheet on to the puff so you don't have to pick up one with your fingers. Well now that I have been using it the blotting sheets do stick on the puff, I have also noticed that when the blotting sheet is on the puff and I am using it the oil that is on the sheet will transfer on to the puff. Which makes me think that the way the blotting sheet is sticky to the puff is because of the oil from the sheet.

That right there grosses me out just because old oil is touching a new blotting sheet, I don't know call me crazy I just don't think that is very sanitary. I am going to end up throwing away that puff and just using my fingers to pick up a sheet. Let me know in a comment below if you guys have tried this item before and if you had the same problem I did or if you ended up throwing away the puff?

That's all of my favorites this month. Hope you guys enjoyed this post and maybe found something new you might want to try. Like always please follow me here on my blog to know when I post when stuff. And I will talk to you guys very soon.


  1. I have free mini sample of the Urban Decay setting spray sitting in my draw and I have been hesitant to try it (I usually use powders too, like you) but I might give it a try now :)

    1. Let me know what were your thought on the makeup setting spray. I would love to know.


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