Friday, June 24, 2016


Hey everyone,Today I want to share with you a summer haul that as been sitting in my bedroom for two weeks now. Pretty excited to share this haul with you guys since this is the first haul of this season. Without further more lets get started.

Everything you see here is from Nordstrom. I have to be honest I never shopped at this store before. Until I saw MakeupByTiffanyd YouTube videos talking about how much she loves this store and its her one stop shop whenever needs or wants something. So one day I decided to go to Nordstrom and was she right. Everything that I wanted to get that day was so easy to find and everything is such good quality. Anyways enough about that and lets get into the items that I picked up.

First thing I picked up at Nordstrom is this black and white maxi dress.I have wore this dress already since buying it. This dress is so soft to the touch and very comfortable. Lays perfect on the body. This dress makes me look like I have some hips to me. If you follow me on Instagram then you already saw the photo of me wearing this dress, and know what I am talking about. The one thing that I really like about this dress is that as a elastic band around the waist so it really bring in your waist. 

Next item that I picked up is this dark gray crew neck t shirt. This is a more flowy top not fitted at all. still Super comfortable and soft. Love that it goes with any kind of bottom that I pair with it.

Last item that I got at Nordstrom is the necklace. It is a long necklace that hits me right above my stomach. I have wore this necklace like crazy it just goes with any plain top that I have. Its super lite weight but still as some weight to it if that makes any sense. The chain is a simple sliver chain but if you look closely you can see that the chain as some little balls on it to give it more detail to it. Love it best purchase yet! PS this piece also comes in gold in case if you guys are wondering.

That's all for this haul. Hope you guys enjoyed this post and maybe found something that you want to go out and get your self's. Let me know in a comment below if you guys have bought anything that I should be trying out, I would love to know. As always be sure you are following me here on my blog to know when I post new stuff. And I will talk to you guys soon.

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