Friday, July 22, 2016

Rose Face Mask Fresh | Hit Or Miss Sample Sized Product

Hey everyone, Hope everyone is doing well. Today I am going to be doing a other hit or miss product review. I know I am doing two reviews back to back I am sorry but I promise next week will be a different kind of post. I just have a lot to say about this item that I wanted to share with you all. By the way this is a other sample sized product. Anyways let's get into it.

I was very excited to receive this as part of the sephora birthday present, like I have said on my other hit or miss sample sized review post I only have heard good things about this brand. First thing I want to say about this product is that its a gel oily kind of mask. To be honest with you guys when I saw that it was a gel mask I was a little disappointed just because gel skin care items have let me down in the past before.

This item didn't disappoint me at all! This face mask smells like roses and it as real rose petals inside of the mask. Which is a nice surprise to see. This mask makes my skin feeling more awake and brightened after using it.  Its very soothing and refreshing on the face. This mask is also very gentle on the skin so I could get away using this mask more then once a week.

When using this product I see that I don't have much dryness after and my redness as clam down. That's a big thumbs up for this product! On the Sephora website it said that this rose mask is good for all skin types I can totally agree to that. Overall great product really have been loving this sample sized that I got. 

I would 100% get the full sized one. The only thing that is holding me back from purchasing the full sized one is the price its $62.00 for a full sized bottle of this mask. Which is a lot of money for a mask, so what I am basically trying to tell you guys is that I am torn because I really love this mask but not sure if I want to spend that kind of money on a face mask.

That's all for this product review. Hope you guys enjoyed this post and maybe found it helpful if you were thinking of getting this face mask for yourself. Let me know in a comment below if you guys have tried this item out and what did you think of it did you like it or did you not like it, I would love to know. As always to be sure to follow me here on my blog to know when I post new stuff, and I will talk to guys soon.

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