Friday, August 19, 2016

New Cover Girl Matte BB Cream! First Inperesstions + Review

Hey everyone. How is everyone is doing ? Today I want to give you my thoughts on a bb cream that I have been using for a couple of months now, and thought I would share with you guys on what I thought of it and how I liked it. Without further more lets get started.

I have tried using this bb cream two different ways. I am going to tell you the two different ways how I liked it how this bb cream applied and which way I liked better and have been using when applying this product. First way that I applied this bb cream was with a beauty blender. Applying this product with a beauty blender its very easy to work with and blends into the skin beautifully. The coverage with this bb cream when using the beauty blender is not bad at not all.

This bb cream does have a scent to it. Not a bad one or a over powering one nothing like that. Just want to put that out there in case anyone is sensitive to scents. This is not a runny formula which I was a little surprised at I have to say. This bb cream stayed matte for the most part when using a setting spray.. Only had to blot twice the whole day. On the bottle of this bb cream it said that its a matte bb cream I didn't find that to be the case for me, I found this bb cream to be more of a demi matte.

The second and last way I applied this bb cream was with a makeup brush. This applied with a makeup brush went on flawless on the face. The coverage to this bb cream when using a makeup brush is great! I definitely like applying this bb cream with a makeup brush even tho I still had to blot twice in a day. I found that on some days when I did applied this bb cream with a makeup brush it stayed demi matte a lot longer and sometimes I only had to blot once.

As for setting this bb cream I found the best way that worked for me was with a makeup setting spray. Overall good bb cream really have been enjoying using this item this summer and I will be using this product in the fall to. If you are looking for a bb cream that is easy to work with and goes on the skin flawless this might be the item you might want to go and pick up. If I didn't say this already this bb cream is $8.99, which is very affordable for such a great product.  

That's all for this review on the new Cover Girl Matte BB Cream. Hope you guys enjoyed this post and found it helpful if you were thinking of trying this item out for your self's. Let me know in a comment below if you guys have tried this item out already what were thoughts on it did you like it as much as I did? As always to be sure you are following me here on my blog to know when I post new stuff. Talk to you guys soon.


  1. I've never seen this BB cream in the Covergirl corner but it seems to be pretty interesting!


  2. This sounds pretty good, unfortunately Cover Girl isn't easily available in the UK.
    Aleeha xXx


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