Friday, September 30, 2016


Hey everyone, hope you all are doing good. Today I want to share with you guys some beauty products that I have used up in the last month or so. Without further more lets get into this post since I do have a lot of empties this time around.

First beauty item that I have used up are the Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes Makeup Wipes. If you guys have read my other empties post then you know that most of my empties always have a packet or two of these wipes. They are hands down the best makeup wipes out there. They remove all of your makeup with just one wipe. These wipes do not dry out once you start getting to the end of the packet.

Next beauty empty are the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths. These cloths were great to use in the morning since I am very lazy in the morning and don't feel like going thru my whole face routine. I find these cloths do the trick they remove any oil or dirt from my face while treating my acne. If you have acne you should try these cleansing cloths out.

Next empty is the Softsoap Cherry Blossom & Wild Bamboo Body Wash This body wash was a good body wash it was very moisturizing on the body. It as a very silky formula to it. The scent is a very powerful cherry smell. It was fine for half of the bottle. Then I couldn't take the scent any longer that it came to the point that I just wanted to finish it so I could get rid of it.

Forth empty of this month is the Johnson's Baby Shampoo I use this to clean my makeup brushes. This shampoo is gentle on my brushes but still gets them clean and leaves them smelling awesome.

My next empty is the Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair Hand Lotion. Good hand lotion love that it as no scent to it. The only thing that I didn't like about this product is that once you applied this lotion on your hands I felt like it didn't really soak into my hands so it would leave a greasy feeling behind. 

My next beauty empty is something I think everyone should try at least once. That is the Sephora Charcoal Nose Strip. This nose strip does what it claims, it removes blackheads at the same time it makes your nose feel and look more smoother. This nose strip as a scent to also stays put on your nose after applying it.

Seventh empty of this month is the Coconut Milk Serum form Organix  Good product really saw that I had less breakage happening after applying this product. I only applied this serum from my ears down since its a oil and a heavy one and it will weigh down your hair and you probably don't want to put anything like a serum or oil on your roots. The scent to this item is very pleasant the coconut is not to powerful so its a good item in my books. (lol)

Next empty Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Hand Lotion. This was a weird a hand lotion in the sense that it didn't do much of moisturizing my skin. What it did do was leave my skin more dry then it was. I am disappointed because I normally like aveeno products.

Third to last item of this very long empties post is the Rimmel London Match Perfection Concealer. This was a good concealer it cover up my dark crlices and didn't settle into my fine line. It also didn't crease on me thru out the day. On the package it said that this concealer also highlights I didn't find that it did that, I found this product to be on the warm side of concealers.

This next empty that I am going to talk about is something I have talked about here on my blog before so I am not going to rave about how much I love this item on this post. I am talking about the Origins Gin - Zing Energy - Boosting Moisturizer. This a very rich moisturizer you only a little of it. The formula to this face lotion is very creamy and smooth. It does have a very strong scent of oranges to it, but the scent won't linger on which is awesome since I am not the biggest fan of oranges scent things. Overall amazing item already bought the full sized jar! 

Second to last empty for this month is the Fekkai Grape Seed Oil Hair Mask. This was a very good hair mask, it goes on the hair like a oil even tho in the jar its a cream based. This is a thick hair mask so you don't need a lot of it to cover all your hair. Smells just like grapefruit! This hair mask leaves my hair feeling smoother and softer, it also brightens up my highlights. The only downfall to this protect that when you are ready to wash this mask off your hair its a little hard to get off, you need to work at it.

And finally the last empty is the Sephora Pearl Eye Mask. This is a other mask that everyone needs to try at least once because its that amazing!  This mask did everything that it claims. It brighten my under eye area, it even did some color correction. Like all fiber mask this was very wet when applying under the eyes. This mask had a very pleasant scent of flowers to it. Last thing I want to say about this mask is that it stayed put under my eyes. Which is a great thing to see.

That's all for this empties post. Hope you guys enjoyed this long post. Let me know in a comments below was there any products that you have used up in this past month?  As always be sure to be following me here on my blog to know when I post new stuff. And I will talk to you guys.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Tarte Tarteist Clay Paint Liner Eye Liner | Review And Thoughts!

Hey everyone, hope everyone is doing good and had a good week. Today I want share with you guys my thoughts on a product that I have been using for three months now. If you read the tile of this blog post then you know I am going to be reviewing the Tarte Tarteist Clay Paint Liner Eye Liner. With out further more lets get into this review.

This is a black eyeliner that dries as a black matte finish. This is a very easy paint eye liner to work with, which I am very happy about because I was a little scared when buying this product that it wouldn't be so easy to work with. When using this paint liner I found that it doesn't take a lot of product to get a perfect winged line. I did find it that it was a little hard to squeeze out the product out of the tube when I tried using it the first couple of days of having this item.

This paint liner stays on my eyes all day long with out creasing or flaking off. When trying to take this paint eye liner off at night it comes off easily with just a makeup wipe. Let's talk about the brush that this item comes with for a minute.

First thing I want to say about the brush is that its super easy to work with. Since this brush is so tiny it makes it really easy getting as close to the lash line as possible. The biggest tip that I can give you when using this item and the brush is that do not stick the brush into the tube of the paint eye liner because it will cause the hair's of the brush to go all wacky. I found that if you do that just wash your brush after that will make the hair's go back to there shape.

When you are ready to wash the brush. Product comes off really easy. Which is always a big plus when that happens.

The only downfall to this item well its really not a downfall more like a concern. Since this item came with a brush already does that mean when I am ready to get a new one do I have to buy the brush to? Or does this item sell without the brush? If anyone knows please feel free to leave a comment below.

Overall great product really like it. I would definitely say that you guys need to try this item out. If I didn't say this already this product goes for $24.00 at Sephora and online. 

That's all for this review on the Tarte Tarteist Clay Paint Liner, hope you guys enjoyed this post and maybe found it helpful if you were thinking about buying this item for yourself's. Let me know in a comment below if anyone of you guys have tried this item out and if you did what were your thoughts on it ? I would love to hear your feedback. As always be sure you are following me here on my blog to know when I post new stuff. And I will talk to you guys soon.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Two Faced Melted Liquid Lipstick (REVIEW, HIT OR MISS?)

Hey everyone, How are you guys doing? Today I want to give you my review and thoughts on the I guess not so new anymore Two Faced Melted Liquid Lipstick in the shade Sugar. I have to be honest I have been going back and forth on weather or not to post this review. Just because its not such a good review. I just want to give you guys my honest opinion about products. Lets get started with this review.

I found this melted liquid lipstick to have very oily formula to it. When I was trying to apply this to my lips I found it very hard to work with. It would separate when trying to apply it I could never get a nice even layer with this melted lipstick. This melted liquid lipstick does have a matte finish to it, but it also dried very weird where I would notice that it when drying it would leave my lips looking like they were chapped and the lipstick would just separate when trying to tap or rub my lips together. It also showed every little thing that might be wrong with my lips, if that makes any sense. 

I tried using this melted liquid lipstick with a chap-stick under it to see if that would make a difference in the way it dried and also applied. It didn't work the same thing would happened again where my lips looked chapped and just looked very patchy.

This product sells for $21.00 at sephora. I just think for that amount of money its not worth it. I was disappointed since I was so excited to try this item out. Overall this item just didn't work out for me.

That's all for this review / hit or miss post. Hope you guys enjoyed this post. In a comment below let me know if you have tried this product out. And what were your thoughts on it, did you like it or didn't you like it. And if you did like this item and if you have any tips or tricks on how I can make this work for me please let me know in a comment below, I would love to know them. As always be sure you are following me here on my blog to know when I post new stuff. I will talk to you guys soon.

Friday, September 9, 2016


Hey guys! Hope everyone is doing good. Today I want to share a haul from Sephora that I have had sitting in my closet for a good two weeks now. Without further more lets jump right into this haul.

First item that I picked up is the Sephora Pro Domed Stipping Brush. I don't have a stipping brush in my collection. I thought I would pick up this one since I read a lot of good reviews on it. At first touch its super soft, dense but yet it still as some flexibility to it. I will keep you updated on this brush on how it works with foundation and bb cream.

Next item is a sample I got using my beauty insider points its the Clinique take the day off micellar cleansing towelettes for face and eyes. I have never tried any micellar anything before so I am interested in to see if it does a good job on taking off my makeup. 

Third item I picked up is something that I have tried out before in a traveled sized and loved it. I even I have a whole post on it talking about how like it and my overall thoughts on it. I am talking about the Too Faced Better Then Sex Mascara. Yes I have given in and got the full sized one. Great mascara everyone needs to try this at least once.

This next product is a other item that I made a whole post talking about how I liked it and my overall thoughts on it .That is the Origins Gin Zing Energy - Boosting Moisturizer. The little sample that I got the first time wasn't enough for me I needed the full sized jar one. That's how much I love this moisturizer. This is a other item that everyone needs to try at least once.

Third to last item is a sample that I got using my beauty insider points that is the Origins Plantscription Anti- Aging Power Eye Cream. I have been using this eye cream for a couple of days now so I don't have much to say it about it. What I can say is it is a super creamy eye cream that you only need a little of it. It also absorbs quickly into the skin. So far been really enjoying this cream. There will be a whole review post on this item when I have really used it and have more thoughts on it.

Second to last item that I picked up at sephora is the Sephora Charcoal Nose Strip. I found this nose strip to have a bit of a scent to it, I really cant describe the scent to you its really something you need to smell of your self's. This nose strip does stay put once applying it to the nose. It does what it said in removing blackheads and making my nose look more smother and also feel more smother. 

Finally the last thing I picked up on this haul, is the Sephora Pearl Eye Mask. This eye mask as a very flower scent to it so if you are not a big fan of flower smelling things. Then this might not be the eye mask for you. As all sephora sheet fiber mask these mask are very wet when touching them and also applying them under the eyes. I found that these eye mask stayed on pretty well, I didn't find myself putting them back in place. I kinda felt like the left eye mask was a little more tighten on my skin then the right one, is that weird? Let me know if anyone had that same problem?  Overall great eye mask it brighten under eyes and it even did some color correcting under my eyes my skin under my eyes is more even . Since using this eye mask I have seen that my skin under my eyes have been brighter for a couple of days now.

That's all for this Sephora haul post. Hope you guys enjoyed this post. Let me know in a comments below if you want to see more of a in depth review on any of these products. Also let me know what have you guys picked up from sephora lately, I would love to know I am always looking for new beauty items to try out. As always be sure you are following me here on my blog to know when I post new stuff. I will talk to you guys soon.

Friday, September 2, 2016

August Favorites! (Beauty, Hair Products + More)

Hey everyone, hope you guys had a great week! For today's post I am going to share some of my favorite products that I have been using this past month. I know I probably say this in every monthly favorites post  I really cant believe August is coming to a close. Honestly where as this month gone ? Never the less I am excited for fall to start. Anyways enough of me chatting and lets get started with the favorites.

As you can see of the photo above there is not lot of favorites this month, so this is going to be a quick post. First favorite of mine for this month is this long maxi dress from Nordstrom. This dress is super comfortable and lays on my body perfect , this dress is 100%  cotton so its super soft. Been enjoying wearing this dress this past summer so easy to dress up or down. 

Next favorite is the Salon Grafix Professional Invisible Dry Shampoo. This dry shampoo is amazing because it not super intense so it doesn't leave your hair feeling hard or crunchy, your hair still feels like hair if you where to run your hands thru your hair. This dry shampoo is on the more wet side so you need to give it a few seconds to dry before you go in with your brush or hands, don't worry it still soaks up the oil in your hair and leaving it smelling fresh and clean.

Second to last favorite of this month is the CoverGirl Clean Matte BB Cream. I did a whole post on how I liked this bb cream, how I applied it and my overall thoughts on it. So if you are interested in that post please feel free to go and check that post out. Even tho it said matte on the package I found that this bb cream is more of a demi matte finish. Overall great bb cream have been really enjoying this bb cream. Stays on the faces all day long. The coverage to this bb cream is good, and love that its a plastic bottle so traveling with it makes it a lot easier.I would recommend this bb cream to anyone who as not even it a try yet.

Last favorite of this month is the Dove Go Fresh Cucumber & Green Tea Body Wash. This is just a clean and refreshing body wash. Love how it smells so clean and fresh makes me feel extra clean. It also makes my skin feel soft. Overall great body wash if you are looking something that smells clean and refreshing, so its very affordable. 

That's all for this month favorites. Hope you guys enjoyed this post. Let me know in a comment below what have you been loving this month. I am always looking for new products to try out. As always be sure you are following me here on my blog to know when I post new stuff and I will talk to you guys soon.