Friday, December 23, 2016

Beauty Blender Micro. Mini Pro Replaced My Original Beauty Blender??? (REVIEW)

If guys have been following my blog for long then you know I have a whole post about the Original Beauty Blender in its big sized and love it. I saw these Micro. Mimi Pro Beauty Blenders and thought these would be great for under my eyes and blush, so I bought them. They come with two in a box I think that is a great deal! Since these retail for ($18.00) . I have to be honest I thought these beauty blenders were silly but I have been really enjoying them and loving the idea of a tiny beauty blender. I use the mini beauty blenders for my cream blushes and of course my concealer, it works great for both blends the product flawless into my skin leaving my skin looking beautiful.

I am going be honest since this beauty blender is on the smaller size it did take me a while to get used to holding such a small sponge. Yes I have dropped this item a couple of times already since its so small. The Micro. Mini Pro Beauty Blender is small in size even when its expanded after I have damped it in water. I do like the fact that because this beauty blender is so small its super travel friendly not to say the original beauty blender isn't travel friendly. A other thing that I love about the Micro Mini Pro Beauty Blender is easy to clean product comes right off the sponge no need to work at it to get it clean, there is no dye that comes off this sponge when cleaning it, I found that to be the case with my original pink beauty blender. 

The one thing that I will say that I am not sure if I like about this beauty blender is that I found that it feels like this sponge as a more of a texture feel to it then the other beauty blenders. Its not a bad texture but it doesn't have a smooth flawless touch to it. I hope that makes sense to you guys. 

That's all for this review on the Micro. Mini Pro Beauty Blender. Hope you guys enjoyed this post and maybe found it helpful if you were thinking about getting this for yourself's or gifting it a friend this holiday season. Let me know in a comment below if you guys have tried this item out and what were your thoughts on it? Talk to you soon. 

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