Friday, April 21, 2017


Hey everyone how is everyone doing? Hope you are all doing well. This might be a very short blog post this week since the product that I am going to be sharing my thoughts on I just don't know how I feel about it, even tho I have had it for a couple of months now and used it quite a bit of it already. I do have a few thoughts that I would like to share with you guys.

You can find this Flower Beauty Line exclusively at Walmart. I have heard rumors that they are discounting this beauty line if anyone of you guys know if that is true or not please leave it in a comment below. First thing I want to say about this translucent finishing powder is that even tho the packaging looks pretty and clean its a very bulky container just to hold some powder in it. Its also very hard to store and put away once you are done with it since its so big. This is a matte translucent finishing powder which is a really nice since I do get very oily during the spring and summer months, so its nice to have a finishing powder that will make my face matte. This is not a intense matte powder at all goes on the face flawless while keeping my face matte all day.

I also found while I have been using this powder that it is a finely milled powder. This powder helps minimizes imperfections which is a amazing thing to find any product, also love that this brand never test there products on animals. The big down fall that I have with this item and its probably why I don't like it as much even tho it does what it claims in keeping  your face matte all day without drying it out is that when you go to open the container the product files everywhere there for it makes it just a little bit hard to work with. I also found it to be the same case when you are going to put the top back on powder just comes flying out everywhere. If the brand of this product would work on the packaging a little bit more I think I would really love this powder. Last thing I want to mention is that this item cost ($ 9.98) which is not a bad price tag at all for this item since you do get a quite bit of product. Overall thoughts its a good powder if you don't mind the bulky packaging and the mess it makes when opening and closing the lid.

That's all for this quick review on the Flower Beauty Translucent Finishing Powder. In a comment below let me know if you guys have tried out this product out and what were your thoughts on it. Also let me know if you thought this was a hit or miss item for me. I love hearing your guys feedback. As always talk to you guys soon.

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