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Hey you guys, hope you are all doing well and had a wonderful week. For today's post I am going to be sharing with you and talking to you about products that I have used up in these  last few months. First empty is the Clinique take the day off micellar cleansing towelettes. I already have done a full review post sharing my thoughts on these makeup wipes, If you would like to know more of my thoughts on these wipes please feel free to check out that post. These makeup wipes were really easy to work with they took off all of my makeup and mascara with just one wipe. They smell very nice and pleasant, love that the packaging to these makeup wipes is purple since purple is my favorite color, a other thing that I really enjoyed about this product is the price you get 50 towelettes for under twenty dollars which I think is a great deal for a high end makeup brand. The only downfall I had with these wipes is that they dried up really quick just sitting in the package. Overall great wipes and will be repurchasing  these soon again.

Next empty is the Clean & Clear essentials deep cleaning astringent toner. This toner is a really strong toner so if you don't have lot of problematic ance then you might not want to use this toner. I found this toner to really help me in clearing my skin it reduce the redness and size of my ance. The one thing that I really hated about this toner is that it dried up my skin. Not sure if I would re buy this again.

Third empty is a other beauty item that I have talked about here on my blog and raved about that is the Too Faced Better Then Sex Mascara. This is my first full sized of this mascara but I have gone thru two sample sized or travel sized which ever you want to call them. This was a amazing mascara one that I keep going to. This mascara gives me that volume that I look in very mascara that I buy. This also gave me a little bit length but a lot more volume. The only thing that I found when using this full sized one is that it had more fall out then the traveled sizes one, which is a little disappointing, but I still love this mascara I will just get the travel sized one instead of the full sized since the smaller ones don't flake off.

Next empty is the ELF Brow Pencil. This eye pencil was fine. I don't think I will be buying this again, just because its a very waxy and dry formula and I had a very hard time trying to get this product to come off on my brow's the first time I used it. After the first time it worked good. I just think its not worth the money if you have to break a film before you can get to the product. I do love that even tho it was so cheap it came with a spooling.

Fifth empty is the Origins Plantscription Anti- aging power eye cream. I have been wanna to do a whole blog post just talking about this product but haven't gotten around to getting the full sized bottle. This was a great eye cream not to heavy or to lite under the eye area. I noticed after using this eye cream for a while, I noticed under my eyes were brighten and didn't get so dry.  This little sample of this eye cream lasted me so long, a little goes a long way. Overall great eye cream.

Next empty is the Boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens. These blotting sheets did what they are meant for. They soaked up all of the oil from my face without removing any makeup. They come with 100 sheets which lasted me for a really long time since my face doesn't get oily that much only in the spring and summer time. 

Third to last empty is the Kat Von D. tattoo liner. This is a felt tip liner, goes on super easy and very pigmented. I found this to be super easy to work with, doesn't dry out that easily. Overall great liner really enjoyed it and will be getting a another one very soon.

Second to last empty is a sample of the IGK hair blam in (mistress). Really enjoyed this sample. The sample of this hair balm smelled really pleasant. This was a very light weight hair balm, it had a gel feel to it. After using this little sample I noticed my hair was softer and my fly a ways were tamped and not sticky up. I will be getting a full sized bottle of this product.  

Last but not least a product that as been in many other empties post is the Dove go fresh cool moisture body wash. The one in this empties is just a traveled sized one but I have gone thru many full sized of these body washes. This body wash as such a fresh smell to it not to over powering just right, it lathers up really quick. This body wash is a little thick a little goes a long way with this product. This body wash is something I will never stop repurchasing.

That's all for this empties post, hope you guys enjoyed this post. In a comment below let me know some of the beauty items that you have used up in the last month or two. I would love to know what products you guys have used up. Always love to hear your guys feedback. Talk to you guys soon. 


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