Friday, May 26, 2017


Hey everyone hope you had a good week this week and have a amazing weekend. This week post I want to share my favorite products from this past month. I cant believe this month is almost over this year is flying by. Without further more lets get into these favorites. First favorite of this past month as been my Loreal Blend Artist infallible Sponge. This beauty sponge applies makeup to the face flawless, its a squishy sponge to the touch. Its not dense and hard at all. I do wet this sponge even tho on the box it came with it doesn't say anything about that you have to wet it before you use it, I just feel like a beauty sponge works better when its damped. Overall amazing sponge I think everyone should go and get yourself's one you wont be disappointed.

Next favorite of this month which is slowly becoming a holy grail item for me. That is the Origins Original Skins Retexuizing Mask. I have used this mask a couple times this month and I love the way my skin feels after using it. My skin feels so soft, smooth, and clean like there is a glow to it. This mask as a rose scent to it but nothing to overpowering where you feel like the scent is to much. This is a clay mask which I have never tried before and now cant get enough of it. Like I said in the beginning I feel like this mask does clean my pores out. 

Third favorite of this month as been the Maybelline Mater Precise Curvy Liquid Liner. This eye liner is so easy to use goes on the eyes super easy with no work. I love that it as a fine tip to it also love that its a marker which I am finding a lot easier then a eye pencil. This liquid eye liner stays on the eyes all day long with out smudging or fading away. This is a other product that is slowly becoming a holy grail of mine.

The last favorite of this month I am sure its a lot of peoples favorite brow product. I am talking about the Goof Proof Brow Pencil by Benefit. The one I have is a traveled sized one since this is my first time using this item. I have to say its a super easy brow pencil to work with. It doesn't take a lot of effort to get your brows filled and to get them to look the way you want. I love that this pencil stays on the brows all day. Overall great brow pencil if you are looking for a effortless pencil that you don't need to work with it a lot then you definitely want to try this out. 

That's all for this monthly favorites. Hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully found a new beauty item that you might want to go out and try it out for yourself's. In a comment below let me know what you guys have been loving this month beauty wise. I love reading what you guys have been enjoying using. As always talk to you guys soon.

Friday, May 19, 2017


Hey you guys hope you are all doing well and had a great week. Cheers to the weekend! Today's post I want to share you guys a sephora haul I picked up on my birthday last weekend. I picked up some new products and a re bought of a hair product that I love that I am excited to chat with you guys about. Without further more lets just jump right into this sephora birthday haul.

First beauty item that I got on this haul is a new mascara I ran out of my other mascara that I have been using so I thought it would be the perfect time get a new one. I picked up the Buxom Lash Mascara I have never tried out this one before I have seen it in store but ever thought of getting it. I have been using it since buying the product and so far have been really enjoy it. I will let you guys know more of my thoughts on this item in a full review post. 

Second beauty item that I picked up on this haul is a product that I have used and have raved about how much I love it here on my blog. That is the Moroccanoil Treatment this stuff is truly amazing I have noticed such a difference in my hair since using this. Here are some major things I have noticed this using this hair item 1. my hair grows a lot faster 2. my hair dries quicker after washing it. 3. my hair feels so much smother and silky when I use this oil. If you want to know more of my thoughts on this oil feel free to check out my full review post I did here on my blog. Overall amazing hair oil I would 100% recommend this hair oil to anyone who as not tried it out for them self.

Next beauty product I picked up on this haul is a new moisturizer that I have never tired before but only heard really amazing things about the brand and there products. That is the Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion. I tried out the sample test one in store and fell in love on how it left my hand so soft and moisturized without any oily feel to my hand after.   

Second to last item that I picked up on this haul is a sample sized that I got by using my V.I.P. points, the beauty product that I picked out from the choices they had is the Boscia Charcoal Makeup Melter. I was super excited that this was one of the things I could pick from since I only heard amazing things about this brand and the product it self. The last thing I got was my birthday gift for begin a member of the beauty program at sephora. The birthday gift for the month of may is the Tarte high performance naturals which includes a blush and a mattle liquid lipstick. I have tried out the blush already and I really enjoy it the staying powder to it is out of this world, the liquid lipstick I am not sure how I feel about it yet.  

That's all for this birthday sephora haul hope you guys enjoyed this post and maybe saw something that you might want to go out and get for yourself's. Let me know in a comment below is there anything you have picked up from sephora lately ?  Or just let me know if you guys have tried out any of these beauty products before and what were your thoughts on them. I always love hearing your guys feedback. As always talk to you guys soon. 

Friday, May 12, 2017


Hey everyone hope you are doing well. Today post I am going to be sharing my thoughts on a beauty tool that I am sure you have heard other people rave about it. I am talking about the Loreal Blend Artist Infallible Sponge. This is a soft and squishy sponge to the touch not dense or hard at all, don't get me wrong it as some density to it but then again its not hard as a rock. One thing that I found very interesting is that on the box that this tool came in it doesn't say anything about damping this sponge before using it. I just find that surprising since I feel like a dry beauty sponge will just drag around your foundation and not really blend the product well onto the skin for a flawless finish. I did damp this sponge anyway even tho it didn't say on the packaging, I found that this beauty sponge grew a little bigger but not by much you cant really tell. 

This beauty sponge is super easy to hold since it as that hourglass shape to it. Applies foundation and concealer on the face flawless doesn't thin out the coverage of the foundation you are using at all. Super easy to work with I got a full coverage every time I used this sponge. I love that this sponge doesn't hold on to water after squeeze it after you have damping it. I also love that that this beauty tool didn't soak up lot of my foundation, that is always nice to see when it comes down to any beauty tool even brushes. 

The only downfall that I had with this tool is when it came down to cleaning this sponge product didn't come off as easily as my beauty blender. I found that it took me as few rounds with soap and water to get it clean and to make sure all of the product was off the sponge. On the plus side this sponge did not transfer any kind of pink color while I was washing the beauty tool, on a other plus side I like that on the package it gives you tips on ways to utilize the whole sponge and the package also provides you with directions in case you are new to beauty sponges. I think that is super useful and very helpful for beginners, major bonus points to loreal for that.

I wish I had tried out other drugstore beauty sponges before posting this but I didn't so I don't really have anything to compare this to to see which one I would like better. This beauty tool cost $ 7.99 which is not bad at all for such a great beauty sponge. I would totally recommend this tool to anyone who as not given this a try yet.

That's all for this review of the Loreal Blend Artist Infallible Sponge. Hope you guys enjoyed this post. Let me know in a comment below if you guys have tried out this tool and what were thoughts on it, I love reading your guys feedback on products. As always talk to you soon.

Friday, May 5, 2017


Hey everyone hope you are doing well and had a great week. Today's post I want to share my thoughts on a mascara that I have been using for a couple weeks now and have written down a few things about it that I would like to share with you guys and get your feedback also on what were your thoughts on this product were or if you have tried out this maraca already. First thing I want to say this mascara cost ($8.49) which is not a bad deal not all, I got this item at CVS if anyone of you guys were wondering. Let's start off this review on a positive note, I found that this mascara applies to the lashes pretty easy doesn't clump up much when applying but you definitely have to take your time applying this and work with it a little to get what you want from this mascara.

With that beginning said I also think that this mascara is not the best when it comes to building it up, I just found that after just applying one coat of this product to my lashes they look fine but its when you start trying to add a second coat is when I noticed that this mascara started getting clumpy and looking spidery.  A tip that I have learned from using this product is that if you do want a second coat of this mascara you have to apply it when its still wet on your lashes, if you wait until the first coat dries you are going to find that your lashes look spidery and very clump together. 

On the plus side this mascara gave my lashes lot and I mean a lot of length to my lashes, which is a awesome thing to find in a product since I have more short stick out straight lashes it also gave me some good amount of volume to them but not as much as it did with length, this item did a good job separating my lashes that's if I took my time with this product. This mascara gave my lashes a very pretty wispy look to them. Let's talk about the brush on this mascara for a second. This a very full brush with medium sized brittle's to it, I thought the brush was good not to big or to small. I found this mascara is on the more wet side but I have found that this product does start to dry out a bit once using it for a couple of days. It did transfer product onto the lids when applying it since it is so wet when first using this  mascara, to me that is just a little annoying.   

I love that this mascara doesn't flake or smudge off thru out the day, I have worn this mascara in really hot weather and it still stayed on with out flaky or smudge off. I also love that the volume and length you get when you first apply this doesn't fall out thru out the day. The only real big down fall I have with this product is that when it comes time to take off this mascara its not so easy maybe it as to do with the fact this mascara is waterproof. All I know I have the hardest time trying to get this mascara off my lashes, I have found that a regular makeup wipe remover doesn't do anything won't even take a little bit off. You need to have a eye makeup remover that you know will take off waterproof mascara but even with that I still found my self rubbing at eyes to get this item off. If you guys have any products that you swear by that takes off waterproof mascara really easy let me know in a comment below.

Overall thoughts on this product its a good mascara love the way my lashes look after and that this mascara wont smudge or flake off thru out the day. Then again I was not happy that you really had to work with this item to not get clumps and the spidery lashes and the amount of product that transfer onto your lids while apply this mascara. With that all begin said I am on the fence about this product not sure if I would repurchases this again. Is this my favorite mascara? I have to say no its not.

That's all for this review on the maybelline the colossal big shot mascara. Hope you guys enjoyed this post and maybe found it helpful in some way. In a comment below let me know if you have tried out this mascara before and what were your thoughts on it did you like it? I love hearing your guys feedback on beauty items. As always talk to you guys soon.