Friday, May 12, 2017


Hey everyone hope you are doing well. Today post I am going to be sharing my thoughts on a beauty tool that I am sure you have heard other people rave about it. I am talking about the Loreal Blend Artist Infallible Sponge. This is a soft and squishy sponge to the touch not dense or hard at all, don't get me wrong it as some density to it but then again its not hard as a rock. One thing that I found very interesting is that on the box that this tool came in it doesn't say anything about damping this sponge before using it. I just find that surprising since I feel like a dry beauty sponge will just drag around your foundation and not really blend the product well onto the skin for a flawless finish. I did damp this sponge anyway even tho it didn't say on the packaging, I found that this beauty sponge grew a little bigger but not by much you cant really tell. 

This beauty sponge is super easy to hold since it as that hourglass shape to it. Applies foundation and concealer on the face flawless doesn't thin out the coverage of the foundation you are using at all. Super easy to work with I got a full coverage every time I used this sponge. I love that this sponge doesn't hold on to water after squeeze it after you have damping it. I also love that that this beauty tool didn't soak up lot of my foundation, that is always nice to see when it comes down to any beauty tool even brushes. 

The only downfall that I had with this tool is when it came down to cleaning this sponge product didn't come off as easily as my beauty blender. I found that it took me as few rounds with soap and water to get it clean and to make sure all of the product was off the sponge. On the plus side this sponge did not transfer any kind of pink color while I was washing the beauty tool, on a other plus side I like that on the package it gives you tips on ways to utilize the whole sponge and the package also provides you with directions in case you are new to beauty sponges. I think that is super useful and very helpful for beginners, major bonus points to loreal for that.

I wish I had tried out other drugstore beauty sponges before posting this but I didn't so I don't really have anything to compare this to to see which one I would like better. This beauty tool cost $ 7.99 which is not bad at all for such a great beauty sponge. I would totally recommend this tool to anyone who as not given this a try yet.

That's all for this review of the Loreal Blend Artist Infallible Sponge. Hope you guys enjoyed this post. Let me know in a comment below if you guys have tried out this tool and what were thoughts on it, I love reading your guys feedback on products. As always talk to you soon.

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