Friday, June 9, 2017


Hey everyone hope you are doing well. Today's post I am going to be sharing my thoughts on the Wet n Wild Flat Top Brush. First I want to say this is a very soft brush to the touch and on the face. This is not a super dense brush it as some flexible to it. This brush applies foundation and bb cream flawless to the face without any streaks. A other plus side to this brush before I get to the downfalls is that this brush doesn't shed at all when it comes time to washing this makeup brush. Also love that the brand Wet N Wild is vegan! 

Now on to the downfalls to this brush. First is that this flat top brush soaks up a lot of product so you end up using a lot more product then you wanted to. A other thing that I didn't really like about this tool is that since it soaks up a lot of product I also found the product didn't sit on the top of the brush, the product soaks all the way down to the brush which is a little annoying. When it came down to cleaning this tool product does come off pretty easily no need to really work with it to get all of the product off, but you do have to work with the brush to get the product that as soaked all the way down the brush. Second to last thing I want to say is that I felt like it left a stain on the brush since the product came so way down the brush, no matter how much I clean this tool that stain is not coming off. 

The price of this makeup tool is ($2.99) which is not a bad price at all. Overall thoughts I do like this makeup brush and I will continue to use it, I just wished that this tool didn't soak up so much product if Wet n Wild would fix that this makeup brush would hands down beat some of the high end foundation brushes since that's what I use this tool for. If you guys haven't tried out this makeup brush yet its definitely worth the try cant go wrong for $2.99.

That's all for this review on the Wet N Wild Flat Top Brush. Hope you guys enjoyed this post and found it helpful if you were thinking about getting this makeup tool for your self's. In a comment below let me know what were your thoughts on this makeup brush if you have tried it out already, I love hearing your guys feedback. As always talk to you soon.

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