Friday, July 28, 2017


Hey everyone hope you are doing well. Today's post I am going to be talking about a mascara that I have been using for the last few months. I have few thoughts on it and thought why not share with you guys. Let's just start talking about the most obvious thing you notice right away about this mascara is the wand it as spiky bristles to it which I find that since it as those spiky bristles I find that it helps comb out my lashes and some of the clumps that I do get with this mascara if I don't take my time when using this product.  

If you look closely you notice that one side of this wand as no bristles to it expect at the top of the wand. I still don't understand why cover girl did that, I find it that it makes it a little more difficult to apply this mascara to the lashes since I only have one side of the wand I can fully work with. (hope that makes sense). Also since the wand is the way it is it makes a little hard to work with because I am scared the side of the wand that as only bristles on the top of the wand is going to touch my face and get mascara all over under my eyes. Update: that as not been the case, but I can see where that could happen if you are not careful when applying this. 

Love the cap of this product it as some texture to it so I find it makes it easier to open it. This is a wet mascara, so with that begin said this mascara will transfer on the lids if you are not careful on how you apply it. Some positives about this product is that this mascara does make my lashes look full it also some a good job on separating them. When it came down to lengthening and volume it didn't much in that department. Two other things positive thing about this mascara is it does very well in the summer heat, I found that it didn't run under my eyes. The last one is that this product it does not flake or smudge off thru out the day. Which is always a great thing to have in a mascara.

The thing I did find little annoying about this product is that this mascara doesn't come off so easily with just a makeup wipe you need eye makeup remover to get this mascara off. This mascara retails for $10.49. I did get a complement on my lashes one day when I was wearing this mascara. 

Overall thoughts I think this is a good mascara is this one of my favorites? No its not. I just think there is other mascaras that are better. As always talk to you all soon.  

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