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Hey everyone hope you are all doing well and had a great week. Today's post I want to talk about the Bosica Charcoal Makeup Melter (cleansing oil balm) that I have been using for a couple of weeks now and have gather a few thoughts on it that I would like to share with you all. Without further more let's get started. I got a sample sized one a couple of months ago from Sephora for begin a member of there V.I.P. progarm, I enjoyed it so much that I had to go out and get the full sized jar of it. 

This is a 3.0 oz jar which is not bad, since the jar it self is filled to the top. The Boscia Charcoal Makeup Melter cleansing oil balm smells nice and clean it as a minty scent to it but its more of a clean mint smell. To the touch this product feels nice and smooth, to me this feels like a gel cleanser when I scooped it out with my fingers. The reason why scoop it out with my fingers is because the sample jar that I got didn't come with a scooper like this one did.

 When activated by water this product turns into this white milky soapy consistency. I would recommend that you warm this product with your hands before you apply it to your face. I have found that if you don't warm it up in your hands the product doesn't work as good. That is just a tip that I have found works for me.

This product didn't bother my eyes at all or made my vision blurry, I found with some eye makeup removers they blur my vision. This removed all of my eye makeup even my mascara with out any problem. My face felt nice and hydrated and not over drying after using this item, I also felt like my face got cleaned and removed all of my makeup. 

The only downfall I have with this is that I feel like I have to use a lot of product to get all of my makeup off, maybe since I have this scopper now it will help with that and getting the right amount I need for my face. The Boscia Charcoal Makeup Melter cleansing oil balm will cost you $32.00 which I know seems like a lot for a cleanser but I think its wroth the money this makes taking off you makeup so easy and I truly believe it removes all of your makeup.

That's all for this review on the Bosica Charcoal Makeup Melter cleansing oil balm. Hope you all enjoy this post and maybe found it helpful in some way. Let me know in a comment below if you guys have tried this item out or something like this and what were your thoughts on it. I love hearing your guys feedback. Talk to you all soon.


  1. It looks like a really interesting product, I have never seen a charcoal cleanser, shame that you feel the need to use a lot of product. Great review!

    Vanessa x |


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