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Hey everyone, hope you are all doing well and had a great week. Have a awesome weekend! Today's post I want to share with you all my favorite items that I have been enjoying using and wearing this past month. Without further more let's jump right into it. First favorite of this past month as been been these brown high heels booties. They are not the most comfortable booties in the world but I found that if I wear them for a only a couple of hours I am fine. I wore them this past holiday season and I was fine. I wouldn't recommenced walking a long distance in them. These booties are from Target if you are all wondering.

Next favorite is the MAC Snow Ball Eye Compact/ Rose Gold. These eye shadows are all very pigmented no fall out when applied to the lids. Love all of the neutrals in this compact. Overall great product really been enjoying playing around with this and making up new eye looks. Third favorite from this month as been the Tarte Blush Bazzaar Amazonian Clay Blush Platte. I got this as a gift this past holiday season and haven't put it down since. Love how pigmented all of these blushes are. Also love that these blushes stay on your face all day long. This platte as a beautiful range of rosy blushes overall just amazing and beautiful blushes. 

Last favorite of this month is the Milani EyeShadow Primer. This is a nude eye lid primer. First time using this it went on a little too oily for me but then when I used it again the next day the oiliness went away so I am guessing you need to give this a shake before use. This primer dries quickly which is always a great thing. This primer as no coverage to it so if you are looking for a eye shadow primer that gives you coverage this is not the one for you. I have found that this kept my eye shadows on all day without any creasing or flaking. You cant beat this primer for the price. 

That's all for this January Favorites. Hope you all enjoyed reading this post. Let me know in a comment below what products have you guys been enjoyed using this month. Also let me know if you guys are interested in seeing eye shadow looks using the MAC platte. Love hearing your guys feedback, as always talk to you all soon.


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