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Hey everyone hope you are all doing well today and had a good week so far, have a great weekend ahead! Today's post I want to share my thoughts on the Sephora Lash craft Big Volume Mascara I have been using this mascara for a couple of months now and have gathered a lot of thoughts on it. Without further more lets just get right into this. I have to be honest my very first impression of this product was not that great because when I went to apply this to my lashes for the very first time it applied clumpy, The formula it self is very wet which I don't mind but I don't like it when the formula is to wet I like there to be a good balance.

I found it hard to separate my lashes while the product was still wet on my lashes. I also found this to clump my lashes together when trying to apply this on my lashes. The only way I could separate my lashes after it clump my lashes together was to wait for it dry a bit in between applying a second coat. I personally just think that is to much work for just wanting my lashes to look separated and not clump together.  

That's all I have to say about the formula and how it applies let's now talk about the wand and the bristles it self. The wand is a long curvy wand the bristles on the wand are short but there is a lot of bristles on the wand. This is not one of those flexibility wands if you guys are wondering. The only downfall I saw with this long wand is that it picked up a lot of product in the tube, so I found myself scraping off product off the wand before applying it to my lashes. By the end I was done applying this I would have a big clump of product left on top of the tube. You probably don't believe since in the photo above it doesn't look like there is a big clump of product on top of the tube you are just going to have to trust me there was, I cleaned it up for the photo of course. 

I find since this is such a wet mascara it does transfer on to the lids when applying this. Maybe if I waited it out in the hopes that it dries out a little bit and maybe it would help and not make my lashes clump together and transfer on the lids. The positive things about this product is that there is no flaking or fall out thru out the day. And when you are ready to take this mascara off for the night it comes right off the lashes. This mascara retails for $14.00 which is not a bad price point at all. Personally for me this just didn't work and I think there is better mascaras out there that I would buy.

That's all for this review on the Sephora Lash Craft Big Volume Mascara. Hope you all enjoyed reading this post. In a comment below let me know if you guys have tried out this item yet and what were thoughts on it? If you guys have any tips and tricks on how I can make this mascara work a little better for me I would love to hear them. As always talk to you all soon.  


  1. Aw,to bad, I love some of Sephora mascara but I guess this one is a bit no good. xoxo

    Love Joice


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